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Wolverine the cartoon hero can do anything his script writer can think of, inc going after an elephant.

Wolverine the animal would not be able to beat an elephant.

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It is unlikely that a wolverine could take down an elephant. Wolverines are much smaller and not powerful enough to bring down an animal as large as an elephant. Elephants are much stronger and have better defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators.

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Q: Could a wolverine take down an elephant and how?
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Can a wolverine kill an elephant?

It's likely, as they are known to take down deer or caribou by themselves.

Is the lion the king of beasts?

because the lion can take down an elephant while a tiger avoids an elephant but it takes a while for the lion to take the elephant down

Name a movie monster you think could take Dracula in a fight?


Can a crocodile kill an elephant?

Generally, the largest animals a large crocodile can take down are adult hippos: elephants are simply too heavy - African elephants are the heaviest things on land! However, a group of 4 - 5 really big crocodiles could probably take down an adult elephant, and a crocodile MAY be able to take down a baby elephant.

How many HYENAS does it take to kill an elephant an?

20 hyenas can bring down an adult female african elephant.

Could a lion eat an elephant?

Given an opportunity - Yes. But it is unlikely that a lion pride can hunt and kill a full grown elephant. However, they have been known to hunt down elephant calves and injured or old elephants that stray away from their herd. Practically speaking, there is no way a lion pride can bring down a full grown elephant.

What would win in a fight a 90 lb pit bull or a wolverine?

A Pitbull would win because they have locked jaw and they drag their victims by the neck. well Wolfs are good fighters but they wont be a match for Pit's. Pits were born to fight and take down animals that's in their blood.

Can a liger beat an elephant?

There are no wild ligers, so this would never actually happen. A single liger would not be able to beat an elephant. However, a group of ligers that knew how to hunt might be able to kill an elephant.

When a lion fights with an elephant which will win?

Depends on how many lions and how many elephants are present. If it is one-on-one, I'd say elephant. It takes a whole pride of lions to take down an elephant, even a calf.

What predators of elephant?

Lions, hyenas. Etc. Anything strong enough to take it down. Also humans

How many men would it take to take down a war elephants?

One man with a machine gun or a sniper is easily enough. Otherwise ten unarmed men are requied to take down a war elephant.

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U cant fly an elephant u drive them and the are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!! but the chain gun can take down the banshee in about 15 seconds with a couple solid shots