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blood in urine usually means a UTI.

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Q: Could blood in your urine mean you are pregnant from intercourse you had just after a menstrual cycle?
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How soon could a blood test determine whether or not you are pregnant after intercourse?

14 days after intercourse.

Where does menstrual blood come from?

Menstrual blood is actually the lining of the uterus. Every month that a female does not get pregnant, the old lining is "discarded" as menstrual blood.

Does a dog bleed when pregnant?

if you mean menstrual blood, no, they do not

What does the cervix do in women?

allows the release of menstrual blood and receives sperm during intercourse

How is spotting different from menstrual period?

menstrual period is the monthly blood circulation of girls while spotting are the release of the blood when you are pregnant

Can dry humping cause an increase in menstrual blood?

Dry humping, masturbation or having sex with another person can not change menstruation in any way (unless you get pregnant through intercourse).

Would it matter if you got menstrual blood on your pregnancy test?

I would expect that menstrual blood would be a good indication that you are not pregnant. if your not trolling

Could you be pregnant if you have blood in your urine?

No, having blood in your urine means it's time to see the doctor. It has to be some sort of infection; viral or bacterial.=When you're pregnant, you will have spotting in place of your normal menstrual cycle.=

Could a blood test tell you if you are pregnant just days after you've had intercourse?

Not usually. It normally takes a couple weeks for the pregnancy hormone to show up in a blood test.

What is the problem when your menstrual blood tissue comes out the size of a round marble?

Maybe you were pregnant.

How soon can you find out if you are pregnant through a blood test?

Generally fourteen days after intercourse.

Are you pregnant if your period has dark blood?

No, if you are menstruating then you obviously can't be pregnant. It is biologically impossible to menstruate while you are pregnant, you only menstruate if you are not pregnant. Dark blood is likely just that, dark blood, remember that menstrual flow includes uterine tissue not just blood.

What does having brown blood during a menstrual cycle mean if you are not on the pill or having sexual intercourse?

Basically, menstrual 'blood' is not just blood, it's the remains of the tissue that has built up - so it is not unusual for it to come in a different colour than normal, red blood. Chances are it means absolutely nothing :)

Can a menstrual cycle affect pregnancy?

You dont get your period while pregnant. The blood goes to the baby.

Is it possible to see your period while pregnant?

You cannot get a period while you are pregnant. If you do get what appears to be menstrual blood, consult a doctor straight away.

How do you differentiate blood due to hymen rupture and menstrual blood after first intercourse?

There is no way to tell them apart, although bleeding from hymen rupture may be very short and spotty.

What does brown blood in your menstrual cycle mean?

Brown blood is old blood. Sometimes menstrual blood can pool when you sit or lie down then when you stand up it will flow but will be a brown color. If you have brown spotty blood or a very light period and have had unprotected intercourse, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

What is the function of uterus and cervix?

The function of the cervix is to allow flow of menstrual blood from the uterus into the vagina, and direct the sperms into the uterus during intercourse.

If you become pregnant during ovulation will you still have menstrual cramps?

The cramps could be from the fertilised egg attaching to the lining of the uterus. This is sometimes followed by some spots of blood but not always.

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for a few days instead of having regular periods for two cycles but a blood test last month was negative?

blood tests are the most accurate. there may be something wrong with your menstrual cycle.

Could you be pregnant if your menstrual flow has blood clots?

It is possible to be pregnant and have bleeding. See below for more information.

Can implantation bleeding happen straight after menstrual bleeding?

Yes, implantation bleeding lasts usually and hour or two. It would be hard to distinguish from menstrual blood. Wait ten days after intercourse and take a urine pregnancy test.

What if a blood test showed you were only a few days pregnant after intercourse eleven days prior?

The test was inaccurate.

Your girlfriend had her 1st period in 2 weeks last week but there wasnt a lot of blood. She says it wasnt a proper period. But hasn't had 1 since. Could she be pregnant?

Yes she could be pregnant if you have had sexual intercourse and was not careful. Or worst she could have had a miscarriage if she was pregnant. The best thing to do is to buy two or three pregnancy tests, or go to the doctor. I wouldn't worry though. It could just be her period is changing.

What is the difference between menstrual blood and regular blood?

Menstrual blood is a mixture of blood and uterine lining tissue, which is not found in regular blood.

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