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Venus and Mars are the only other solid bodies in the solar system with atmospheres dense enough to "breathe", but neither contains nearly enough oxygen for a human to survive on.

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Q: Could humans breathe on any other planet?
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What do plants do when you and other humans breathe out?

when you breathe out, plants breathe in.

Would it be helpful if humans could could live on other planets and why?

it would not be helpful because there is no air so you cant breathe

Could humans suvive on dwarf planet?

Not unaided. But this is no slight to the dwarfs; humans couldn't live on ANY other planet without substantial life support systems.

Are there more humans in other planets?

No, the Earth is the only planet with Humans.

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Ducks breathe the same way as us humans

Why is Jupiter a very big planet and no organism lives there?

No one knows at the moment why Jupiter is a big planet, other than the theory ogf how other planets where dust came together to form the planets, and it could just be it took more of it to form. What we do know is that you can not breathe in Jupiter in the same way you can not breathe on the Moon, whihc is no development of an atmosphere.

What humans do to plants?

Humans, and actually all other animals, breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants take in this carbon dioxide and combine it with water and sunlight to make food in a process called photosynthesis. Luckily, a byproduct of this process is oxygen, which humans and other animals breathe in. Then we breathe out carbon dioxide, and the wondrous cycle continues.

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What other planets have you humans sent space probes to?

If by humans visiting you mean , Which planet's have had humans land on that planet the answer is none. The only other place in space that humans have visited is the moon.

What other planet in your solar system is suitable for humans?

There is no other planet in the Solar System that can, without assistance, support human life.

What was the first planet humans went to in space?

Humans have visited NO planet outside of Earth. Humans have visited the Moon, which is not normally considered a planet.Unmanned probes sent by humans, on the other hand, have already visited several planets.