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It depends on your monthly cycle....if you have a cycle of say 30days,then you have nothing to worry about. cos ideally you should see it may have missed your period too if 1. you lost weight recently. 2.been taking some contraceptives. 3.changed your environment. 4. have an irregular period. however,if you aren't sure,i suggest u take a pregnancy test.

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You havent had your period since june10 and ive had some brownish discharge could you be pregnant?


You havent had your period since July 21 2008 am i pregnant?

It's quite possible.

You were on your period for one day very light and havent bled since are you pregnant?

Most likely so

It been 2 months since you havent had your period did 2 pregnancy test negative could you be pregnant?

If you have not had a period in 2 months then it is better to go to a doctor and find out whether you are pregnant, they will do an extensive pregnancy test, do not wait too long.

What could cause a girl not to have her period when she had protected sex since her last period?

she could be pregnant. or she could just be missing a period

You stopped taking the pill 5 months ago as you wish to conceive but havent had a period since could you still get pregnant?

If you're still ovulating then you can still conceive. See your DR to find out why your period hasn't arrived. This is not normal.

You havent had your period since April and here it is June 24 are you pregnant?

most likely. go get a pregnancy test. unless your period just skipped a couple months...

Could you still be pregnant even if you got your period last month?

if you've had sex since your last period that was unprotected then you may be pregnant now. but having a period means your not pregnant.

You have all the pregnancy symptoms and no period but the home pregnancy test was negative Could I be pregnant?

Well, since you have had ALL the pregnancy symptoms and no period, you could be pregnant! But since your home pregnancy test was negative you couldn't be pregnant. You may want to go to your doctor and ask him if you are pregnant.

My last depot provera shot was in mid october of 09. i havent gotten a period since and I've been doing random pregnancy tests. could i be pregnant and if not when should i expect a period?

Most people on the depo shot do not get their period. i was on it for about 7 years and only had my period for about the first year

What could be wrong if you haven't had period since October?

You could be pregnant, you need to go and see your doctor.

What if it has been 37 days since the start of your last period and there is yellowish discharge could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant and you should see a doctor.

Havent had a normal period since May 14 hardly bleed at all when you get your period?

same with me.

Your period came early and only lasted 3 days could you be pregnant?

Not if you haven't had sex since your last period.

You are 2 monthes late on your period and since have had constipation could you be pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant is very high if you have a regular period, do a home test of go for blood test but I do think that you are pregnant

Does having a 2 day period mean you're pregnant?

No, because you could not be pregnant if you have already have had your period. Pregnancy stops you from having your period, so since you have had your period you have not become pregnant. Also, the menstrual cycle can last from 2-10 days.

How many months pregnant would you be if your last period was in December?

if you have not had a period since then you could be 2 1/2 months pregnant, you can get a pregnancy test kit at the drugstore

What if you have your period later then you normally do?

you could be pregnant but there is a chance that it just came later then schedule, Your period will do that. if a week has gone by since you should have started your period i would contact your doctor to see if you are pregnant or not

You havent gotten your period for 2 months you thought you were pregnant so you took a test and it came out negative your dog jumped on your stomach two days ago ever since that you have been bleeding?

If you have your period, then I'm not sure how that could say you're pregnant. And for the dog thing, I only have one word: DOCTOR. Yes I mean go to the doctor!!

Could you be pregnant if you started your period a week early but it's not like period blood and since you lost your virginity you have been experiencing morning sickness?

Yes, you could be pregnant; especially if you didn't use protection.

Periods are not allowed did you get pregnancy while participating in sex first time with out safety as your period became 8 days late?

Yes you could get pregnant then. Since it was only 8 days you could, you can get pregnant during your period.

Could you be pregnant if you haven't had period since October and feeling sick?

Yes, go and see your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if it has been 38 days since the first day of your last period and you have pinkish brown spotting but no other symptoms or could you have an infection?

It could be pregnancy if your period is late. Do a test.

Could you be pregnant if you had your period at the start of the month and then got on the patch for only two weeks and had unprotected sex and got your period again the same month but not this monoth?

Have you had unprotected sex since your last period? Then it is possible you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your last period was 2 weeks ago but for the last 2 days you've been having cramps and feeling like you're about to have your period?

If you've had sex since your last period then you may be pregnant.