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Q: Could i be pregnant if after my sex partner came and we didnt make sure it was all out but we did it again rite after without a condom.?
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Is there a chance you could be Pregnant if your partner pulls it out without a condom?

yes there is a chance that you can become pregnant from you partner pulling out without a condom

Can you get an infection from a condom being stuck in you?

Possibly, if your partner has some infection. You could also get pregnant.

Is there any chance i could be pregnant as me and my partner used a condom and the next day i came on my period?

Why are you even thinking about it? Of course you are not pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant without using a condom when she is on her period?

its possible that could happen

Is there a chance you could be pregnant if the condom split?

yesExcellent.Yes you can get pregnant if the condom splits.

Your boyfriend stuck it in without a condom a couple times could you be pregnant?

If he deposited sperm in your vagina and you ovulated, you could be pregnant. No sperm, no baby.

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom and your not on birth control?

yes because the condom could break

What happens if the condom broke and the pre-ejaculate is in it?

If there are sperm in the condom the woman could get pregnant.

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her cycle but the boy is using a condom?

Yes. The condom could malfunction.

If you are on birth control and take it everyday at the same time for two months and he came inside of you without a condom on could you get pregnant?

yes, but it is very unlikely that you will become pregnant

Can you get pregnant at the beginning of your period but he uses a condom?

No. You can't get pregnant if your on your period! You could only get pregnant the week after your pregnant!

If condom is hanging out of you and your ovulating and he finished could you be pregnant?

Yes because the condom failed/was not applied right.

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