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An itchy scalp can be a symptom of a staph infection, and it also can be caused by other conditions, like folliculitis, hives, parasites (scabies), or a cyst. For example, folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that present symptoms of red and itchy boils. Because a bump on the head can have so many causes, it should be looked at by a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

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What is wrong with the back of forest whitaker's head?

That's razor bumps from him shaving his head. It looks itchy me looks irritating

What does staph infection do to you?

Its different for different people. The most common symptoms for staph are fever, illness, warmth, head ache, and red dots or bumps on any part of your body. that's only before it gets bad and if it is left untreated.When staph gets bad it could literally kill you. Staph infection is an infection of the skin that starts in the skin but if it gets into your blood you could die.

What are itchy red bumps on your scalp?

There are a lot of things it could be it depends on weither its itchy or if it just hurts. The most common are the places where you have scratched your head to hard and the blood kinda clots. Just stop scratching and it will clean up. BY draven schoberg age 12

What would itchy pimple like rashes on the head be?

could be Eczema?

How do i know if I have an STD?

If you are a male, you should have soreness and pain around the penis and it will be very itchy. You may see several red bumps that hurt if you touch them on the head of your penis.

Can you get a staph infection in your head?


What could two bumps on the back of your head be?

Could be lymphoma,go and see a lymphoma symptoms website.Good luck

Do bumps on your head reflect your intelligence and personality?

No. According to, "Phrenology" is "the study of the shape and protuberances of the skull, based on the now discredited belief that they reveal character and mental capacity". A blow to the head could cause a bump, and a severe blow could cause changes in intelligence and/or personality. However, the shape of the head, with or without bumps, does not reflect intelligence or personality. Bumps on the head give accurate information about the bumps on the head, nothing more. They are bumps. An interesting piece of trivia: in a test of Phrenology the skull of the Marquis de Sade was said to possess the attributes of an aged father of the church.

What are the red bumps on a turkey's head are called?

The red bumps on a turkey's head are called CARUNCLES.

What are the bumps on a koi fish head?

Koi do not specifically have "bumps" on their heads that I am aware of. Please describe these bumps. if its the bumps im thinking of its like a fore head they have like a little frown

What could cause bumps on the head of penis?

Herpes, genital warts, mosquitos, other STIs

What does it mean if you have large bumps and indentations all over your head?

Sounds like it could be folliculitis....

What does it mean when there are bumps on the top of your head?

Sometimes you get bumps on your head like clogged pores. Don't worry about it.

What is an itchy bump on the back of the head?

It could be lice or dried up shampoo or even mosqito bites.

What can i do about itchy red rash on front and inner thigh and pimple like bumps on penis head?

this sounds like scabbies. I had it a long time ago when I caught it off my bed ridden grandfather. It is characterised by an itchy red rash where there is hair and white blisters where there are no hair follicles

Is it possible to get bumps on your head from using a trimmer to cut hair that's been used by someone else with bumps?

Depends on what the bumps on the other persons head are from.

White bumps around the head of penis?

Sexually activeWhite bumps at the head of the penis may indicate Herpes if you are sexually active and you should see a doctor ASAP.Bumps at the base of the penis may be ingrown hairs, but if they are itchy and burning they could also be herpes and you should see a doctor ASAP.Not sexually ActiveIf you are not sexually active, or have never had sex, then white bumps could be contact- dermatitis (skin irritation) which like acne can get painful if left untreated so mention it to your doctor and you will probably just be given a treatment of topical medication to clear it up.Good hygiene is very important and will help avoid these discomforts.

How do you know when you have head lice?

you know when you have head lice when your head is really itchy.

How do you get rid of bumps in the back of your head?

You should get the new BUMP TERMINATOR for Back of Head Bumps from BREEJ Technologies

Why do hissing cockroaches have bumps on their head?

the males have the bigger bumps to fight with for the females

Why is the lump on back of your head itchy?

A lump on the back of your head that is itchy may be from an inset bite. If the lump does not go away, visit a doctor.

What is red itchy spots on top of your head?

a lump on my head that itches

What is the study of bumps on the head?


Is it bad to have bumps under your penis head?

No actually it is common for men to have small white bumps under the head of their penis, these bumps can be removed by your dermatologist with a laser treatment that is virtually painless.

What Are does things in your hair that make it itchy?

things in your hair that are make it itchy are probably head crabs