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It would need to be significant leakage, so much in fact that other serious health conditions would be noticable.

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Q: Could microwaves leaking from a microwave oven cause a miscarriage?
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How do you measure microwaves?

There are a few ways in which you could measure a microwave. You could use a ruler or tape measurer.

What are the effects of microwaves on the human body?

There are no microwaves left in the food after cooking. Stopping a microwave oven is like shutting off a light - the microwaves disappear. As to the effect upon the body if exposed to microwaves, all they can do is heat the body. But that takes a lot more microwave power than you would be exposed to by a leaking microwave oven. Even if you could be exposed to that large amount of microwave power, you would feel yourself getting warm and when it became uncomfortable you would get out of the microwave field with no injury. I have exposed my hand to very high power microwaves, equivalent to about ten times what is inside a high power domestic oven, and it feels just as I described above. Since I did this over 40 years ago and still have both hands and all my fingers I can testify to what I described above.

Is it bad to look in a microwave when its on?

No it's not bad to look. The microwaves are only emitted when the door is shut, also having a glass door would not be aloud if microwaves could escape.

Do microwaves have any chemical reactions when you use them?

If you have something with or in plastic and you put it in a microwave, you could get poisoned and it will also taste weird.

Why are there cold spots in microwaves?

The microwave probably couldn't reach the spots. Maybe you could put something inside to heat it up, hot water? You could remove the plate and reheat the microwave before you cook food.

What is the dangers of microwaves?

you could get burned and if you're aren't using it correctly, you could be electrocuted. I researched it on line last week and I surveyed 15 microwave companies and 14 answered this. actually i believe they were asking about microwave waves. the danger of these are death

How much power does a microwave run?

It depends, oist microwaves are rated in watts, a measurement of power usage. The lowest a microwave could be is a 300watt rating. I'm not sure of the highest bur mine is a 950watt. 1 watt is equal to one joule of energy a second. So a 950 watt microwave converts 950 joules of electricity into microwaves every second.

What are facts about microwaves?

They are radio wavesTheir wavelengths range from 3,000 to 30,000 MHzTheir wavelengths can be measured in centimetersThey are good for transmitting information because they can penetrate haze and smokeRadar works by reading microwave reflectionsThere is a cosmic microwave background radiation filling the universe - it is thought to be left over from the Big BangIn 1946 Dr. Percy Spencer discovered that microwaves could heat anything with water in itMicrowave ovens use a magnetron to create the microwaves

Can you open the door of a microwave oven when it is on?

No, you shouldn't. Most ovens are built so that you can't. Opening the door turns off the oven. If the door were opened with the oven is running the microwaves aren't shielded and they could harm someone standing in front of the oven. Yes, you can but it instantly stops generating microwaves. As no microwaves are generated with the door open, a properly working microwave can't hurt anyone.

Hypothetically could sound be used to cook food the way microwaves cook food in a microwave oven?

Yes. But you wouldn't want to be near it. Yikes!

Is it safe to use a microwave that was in a house fire?

Hi there to this question I would have to say NOO. Pureley for the reason microwaves are very dangerous bits of equipment if the seal or anything is letting microwaves escape it could cook you inside out.After a fire too this could be a lethal choice.

Why does microwave work except no heat?

A microwave transmits waves at just the right frequency to make water molecules vibrate, thus heating anything in range that has water molecules. This can be proven by placing an empty ceramic plate in the microwave, and turning the microwave on; now put something such as a carrot or a piece of chicken on the plate, and heat it again. The plate on its own will have stayed cool, but with the food on it, the food has been heated, and some of the heat has transferred to the plate. One of the problems with microwaves is that they 'leak' microwaves, especially at the front area, which often has a viewing window. The effect of microwaves on human tissue has been thought to cause cancer, but it has not been proven. The effect of microwaves on the brain makes it heat up my approx. 1 degree Celsius - this speeds up the neurons in your brain; this could make a person slightly 'cleverer', however, it could also cause damage.

What are the dangers of microwave radiation?

In general, microwaves are harmful if they are very powerful and concentrated. All of our ordinary microwave-emitting devices are perfectly safe to use because they are very low power. A microwave oven doesn't release enough of the energy to cause harm when the door is properly closed - hence, a microwave that functions with a door open could be potentially harmful. Very powerful microwaves are harmful because they cause burns. Microwave radiation, despite popular claims, does not cause cancer or any other illness associated with exposure to ionizing radiation. Microwaves from cell phones, for example, are not powerful and concentrated enough to cause harm. In themselves, other than high power exposure - several kilowatts - that's many more times than what is inside an operating microwave oven, microwaves are not dangerous. However, injuries can occur from overheated foods - burns, scalds, eruptions and fires.

Could you have a miscarriage in the first week of pregnancy?

Yes, you could, but you probably wouldn't know that it was a miscarriage

Is it safe to use a microwave after it has been subjected to metal in the microwave and caught fire and charred the inside?

You should not use WikiAnswers for this, instead contact the company who made the microwave or the employees at the store you got it from.You should also never put metal in your microwave.The microwave's shield has probably been compromised so harmful microwaves could cause harm to people nearby.

Do microwaves cook food from the inside out?

No. Microwaves (not microwave ovens, the actual waves) penetrate the surface of food easily. They heat the inside of your food at the same time as the outside. Compared to a conventional oven, which heat from the outside in, microwaves are much faster.Another Opinion:Effectively Microwave Radiation does Heat the interior of an Object First and Hotter than the outside. I once overcooked Cookies in a M.W. Oven. They were burned to a CHAR inside but looked fine on the outside.Likewise, if you walked in front of a RADAR Antenna (Microwave Source), you could FRY your internal organs yet look ok on the outside.

Can a microwave be damage after microwaving metal?

Placing metal objects, or objects containing metal, in a microwave oven and allowing it to operate could well damage your oven. The metal bounces the microwaves back into the magnetron. Don't try it! even though it can be harmful to ourselves also

What happens when you stand next to a microwave?

When microwave ovens first appeared on the market in the 20th Century, there was concern that the microwave "radiation" could escape and cause harm to someone standing next to them, specifically, that they could cause cancer. Such fears have been proved to be erroneous, and all microwaves today have seals and shields that prevent any "radiation" from escaping the cooking chamber. So to answer your question in a word, "nothing."

Is hull brown drip pottery microwave safe?

I don't know, but you could give the pottery a microwave test. Put one cup of water in the pottery cup or bowl, put it in the microwave for one minute 15 seconds. take it out. Feel the water, if it is only lukewarm and the cup or bowl feels hot, it is NOT microwave safe ( the pottery is absorbing the microwaves instead of the water ). If the water feels hot, it is microwave safe.

My 1997 Ford Taurus is leaking what could it be?

leaking what??

Do microwaves sterilise feeding bottles in the steamer given to use in them. If so how to sterilise the bottles?

The best way to sterilize bottles is to steam them for a few minutes in a large pot on the stove with a little water. They can also be sterilized in an industrial dishwasher with a "sterilize" function. Microwaves are non-ionizing radiation. They do not sterilize anything by themselves, except to the extent that they can boil water. It would be possible to sterilize bottles in a microwave, assuming that you had a microwave-safe container that you could boil water and bottles in. (Never put a sealed container in a microwave).

How do you post stuff on Facebook via microwave?

Unfortunately, microwaves haven't been adapted for social sharing yet. It is an interesting idea... every time you heat something up, it could prompt you to post on FB, or even allow you to take a picture of your food while cooking. ... But so far, there are no microwaves that do that.

Why are microwaves not used for communicating with submarines?

Microwaves would be a great way to communicate with submarines, but they'd have to surface to use that method of connecting. Surfacing would defeat the purpose of having the submarine out there, and could easily expose it to detection. We do use radio to communicate with submarines, but not microwaves. Microwave energy has a very limited ability to penetrate water. Very low frequencies can penetrate water to a certain extent, though. And that's why we don't bother with microwaves for submarine communication.

Is watery discharge tinged with blood a miscarriage?

Not usually, red blood is a sign of a miscarriage. Depending on your stage of pregnancy it may be that your waters are leaking however and you need to see a doctor as you may be at risk of infection. answer it could be Implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding I'm in the same situation from pink princess

What foods can you microwave?

A microwave oven can be used to heat anything that contains water, even a small amount of water, which would include anything that people eat. There are dried foods that people store, but anything completely dry, such as dry rice grains, is not edible. Popcorn can be popped in a microwave because it does contain some moisture. You can also burn food by overcooking it in your microwave, so try to use the correct setting. However, it has been said that heating up milk in microwaves can be a little bit harmful to health as the microwave uses microwaves which can cause cancer if exposed to at certain intervals. This therefore can change the genetic structure of the milk which could also harm the consumer.