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Does it shift out of Park?
If not check stop light fuse - shift interlock and stop lights are a common circuit If it does shift out of Park then shift linkage may need adjustment Try turning key to first position (Unlock) without engine running and the shift to neutral to start vehicle and then shift to Drive

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Q: Could not get transmission to shift into drive?
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Car will not shift out of drive?

Sounds like it could be your shift linkage that hooks up the the transmission.

Why won't my transmission shift into overdrive?

One of the reasons a transmission might not shift into overdrive could be a problem with the belt drive inside the transmission. Belt drives can be stretched over time. Another reason could be that the transmission fluid is low or very old or the filter is clogged.

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

Loud noise when shifting from park to drive?

If there is a loud noise when shifting from park into drive, it may be a transmission problem. One should shift slowly, as the transmission could disengage itself.

It will start but it want move?

Does the transmission engage when you shift it into drive?

When I put my 1999 subaru impreza into drive it hesitates but will shift into reverse with no problem the fluid level is good could the filter need changing?

A plugged transmission filter can cause your transmission to hesitate when you shift into drive. A collapsed vacuum hose can also cause the problem.

1993 mercury villager van why does it go into drive but will not shift the rest of the drive gear could it be the module If so where is it located?

The transmission is controled by the computer. If it will not shift, there is a problem. There is no (vacuum) modulator. Take the car to a dealer or a good transmission shop. Be prepared to have it rebuilt or replaced.

What is wrong when your transmission dont shift out?

your transmission could be shot. if it will not shift at all, then you will need a new one.

Why does your car kick when you shift from park to drive?

Your car might kick when you shift from park to drive if your transmission fluid is low or very dirty. You might also have worn gears in the transmission.

What happens if you shift to drive from lower gear while pressing gas will anything happen to da transmission?

the transmission will shift to higher gear

What will cause my tansmission not to shift normally?

the transmission could be going out or slipping or your transmission fluid could be low

Can you shift an automatic transmission from over drive to drive while the car is moving?

Yes, well I can do it on my car

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