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Could not replacing the fuel filter during tuneup of my 1995 gm sierra 5.7 liter cause it to run poorly and backfire?


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you probablly have the spark plug wires crossed. check ur firing order and your new plugs. the firing order is on the intake usually by the thermostat.


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Black smoke is caused by too much fuel going into the engine. (often seen when running under load) If the engine smokes with little load and is worse at high RPM, it could be a plugged air filter. I have seen a Cat 3208 cat backfire and smoke as a result of a plugged air filter. The backfire only occured after the engine had reached operating temperature. I believe there was not enough air availiable to burn the fuel. This resulted in a loss of power, which opened the throttle even more. As a result, the unburned fuel was probably igniting prematurely on the next compression stroke causing the engine to run very poorly and backfire. After replacing fuel filters and checking for air leaks in the fuel supply with no success, replacing the air filter solved the problem.

It could be as simple as needing a good tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter and air filter. If it still runs poorly, have a fuel pressure test done, it may have a failing fuel pump.

Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector(s).

An engine with a bad intake valve is likely to backfire frequently. This can easily destroy a carbuerator or throttle body. The same symptoms can be caused by a poorly adjusted rocker arm or poorly timed cam and distributor.

They normally don't. I suggest you have your transmission & filter changed.

i would defiantly start by changing the fuel filter

The fuel filter will get clogged and the engine will either run poorly or not at all. This can also cause the fuel pump to overheat and self destruct. Replace the fuel filter if you suspect it is clogged.

It will quit running if it breaks. That's the most common failure of a timing belt. It may run poorly and backfire if it slips or jumps a cog.

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It can plug up and restrict the flow of fuel causing the engine to run poorly, if at all.

Absolutely - a clogged air filter can cause a car to idle poorly. You could also get poor gas economy and high emissions. Also, if the computer were not able to compensate for the high fuel mixture, you could set a code and/or destroy your catalytic converter.

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High filter pressure is cause by one thing. (resistence to flow) This can be as simple as a dirty filter. Clean filter or backwash, You may need a new filter element, or new sand and to clean a de grid. The other reason would be poorly plumbed piping (to small hydrolics)

Tha may be fuel filter from fuel pump or fuel filter outside of gas tank or the car injectors

Usually quite poorly, but not always.

Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector(s); Punctured or damaged fuel tank.

Fuel filter is in the gas tank along with the fuel pump, I have to change mine out, making the truck run poorly. Waiting for a warmer day.

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