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Could somebody get me the list of all songs of Lindsay Lohan?

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go to and look for Lindsay lohan.u will see all of her albums and all the songs

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Who is the singer with the least songs?

probably keri hilson or Lindsay lohan (yes she sang 1 song)

Dose Lindsay Lohan lip syic?

I doubt it. Her voice sounds like how she sings. Listen to her voice and listen to her songs 'rumors' and 'Daughter to father'

You want to know the songs and artists from the movie soundtrack you know who killed you starring Lindsay Lohan can you help you find the artists and names of songs off that movie soundtrack please?

Jodie Foster

Any songs out there with the name Lindsay in it?

There is one song that I can name of the top of my head with the name 'Lindsay' init. Lindsay quit lollygaggin-Chiodos

Do somebody out there is one of David Archuleta songs?


What are the names of the songs from the band killers?

The names of the killers songs are:dustland fairytale,when you were young,somebody told me,human,and lots of other songs.

Is Justin bieber going to be on glee?

sadly , he's not. :( , But two of his songs will be sung. the songs are 'baby' and 'somebody to love'.

What are justin Bieber's sad songs?

That Should Be Me Born To Be Somebody Pray

What are some songs that have the word 'first' in the title?

"First" By: Lindsay Lohan "First Date" By: Blink 182"First Day of My Life" By: Bright Eyes"First Life" By: 2kiva"First Love" By: The Maccabees"First Love" By: 2kiva"First Time" By: Lifehouse"First Time" By: Lil Corey

Did Justin wright baby and somebody to love?

Yes he wrote both of the songs

Does one direction write their one songs?

Sometimes they do but mostly it is somebody else.

What are good songs to drum too?

Walk this Way, By Somebody... Fishies, By Cat Empire

What songs are on the CD Never say never?

pray ,one time,somebody to love

What are the songs on Justin Bieber's CD Baby?

the known songs are: Baby Never let you go Somebody to love Pick me Ennie Meanie it is released march 23. there are 10 songs on it.

Why did Lindsay from eyes set to kill leave the band?

maby she wanted to get back home or i don't know she just left The band had management problems because Alexia was writing all the songs but Lindsay was taking the credit for it.

Good dramatic love songs to lip sync to?

Baby somebody to love JAR OF HEARTS!

What songs did kings of leon sing on Saturday night live?

they did sex on fire and use somebody

Can you use somebody elses songs sound to write your own song?

No, because you can go to jail if you do that.

Where can somebody buy Christmas songs from glee?

i tunes, chapters, indigo, future shop, HM

What is a good site for wedding songs?

This isent a site but you could look up songs on youtube "wedding songs" or "romantic songs" Or a song you think is right Or you could look up wedding songs or romantic songs on google

Can somebody please translate these songs at all I am REALLY sorry if it means anything rude or what not but me and some of my friends are doing a charity event and we need songs for the dances.?

Since your question does not contain the songs, how can anyone translate them for you?

Most popular songs by Dean Martin?

Everybody loves somebody That's amore An evening in Roma

Can somebody give me advice on my DUBSTEP songs?

You should go to to find the best Dubstep

What songs did bj thomas sing?

He had 14 top 40 hits. Here are his top 10: "I'm so lonesome I could cry" Hooked on a Feeling Raindrops keep fallin' on my head I just can't help believing (Hey, won't you play) another somebody done somebody wrong song

What are the top 5 songs of Justin bieber?

The top selling songs are; One Time,One Less Lonely Girl,Stuck in the Moment,Eenie Meenie,and Somebody To Love