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Yes, but highly unlikely. Depressurize the system by letting the fuel bleed off out the Schraeder valve on the fuel rail. This will look like an aluminum valve similar to the valve on the rim of the'll be on top of the motor on a fuel line with a black cap covering it. Anyways, bleed it the same as you would let air out of the tire (watch it doesn't spray you). Once it's bled, turn the key to on (not start) for 5 seconds and try depressurizing it again. If fuel doesn't spray out again, it'll be fuel pump related. If it does spray out, chances are it's an ignition or related parts failure.

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Q: Could the fuel filter cause a 2001 Ford Expedition not to start?
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Could the air filter cause a 2001 ford expedition not to start?

It would have to be plugged solid-not letting any air in at all

Does a fuel filter on 1987 Dodge Dakota cause the truck to start and then stop?

The fuel filter could cause a start and stall. Other causes could include the fuel pump, computer, various sensors, and ignition system.

Would a dirty fuel filter make it hard to start your 1996 gmc 1500 pickup in the morning?

It could, a plugged fuel filter can cause a hard/no start.

Why 1998 expedition wont stay running it willl start but dies unless you give it some gas?

Start by checking your fuel filter.

Can fuel filter cause car not to start?

Yes, if it is clogged.

Can old oil filter cause your vehicle to not start?

No, not at all.

Put in new fuel filter and car still will not start?

Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

What would cause a 1998' Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition to start and idle then as soon as you press the gas it dies?

It could be the idle control P1507

Would a clogged fuel filter cause car not to start?


Why did Cortes want to start the expedition?

I think he did it so he could be famous expoler.

What would cause a Honda Accord to start chugging while driving?

Dirty fuel filter or air filter.

Are there sensors that would cause a 1997 dodge stratus to not start?

Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.Yes, just about any sensor on the engine could cause a no start.

What could cause a 93 caprice to turn over but not start you replaced the fuel pump and rebuilt the throttle body?

Did you get some debris in the fuel tank? There is a fuel pump "pickup" filter that prevents debris from enterning the fuel pump. If that filter is plugged the pump will not be able to produce enough filter to start the engine.

92 Honda Accord when you start it it runs for a few minutes then dies what could be the problem?

There are several things that can cause your 1992 Honda Accord to start and then die out. The most common cause is an inconsistent flow of fuel. This can be caused by a dirty fuel filter.

Will a clogged fuel filter cause your car to start run for a second and die?

It sure will. When you suspect a clogged filter, replace it.

What might cause a 1991 Acura Legend Stall?

It could be several things, start with the fuel filter, it can cause issues such as this, another thing could be the fuel pump losing pressure. If it is the factory pump, it may need replacement. Hope this helps.

Your 91 deville loses power and starts bogging out at 60mph or more what could cause this to happen?

I would start with the fuel filter being clogged. Sounds like a fuel problem to me I would start with the fuel filter being clogged. Sounds like a fuel problem to me

Can the fuel filter cause your explorer not to start?

I don't know about the Explorer but I had an experience with a Ford Mustang. I changed about everything I could think of related to the non-starting problem. Then I discovered there was a filter in the gas tank. Changed it and the problem disappeared!

What could cause a 1985 FourRunner to start hard but run well once it has started?

your starter may not be good your timing may be out check compression do a complete tune up most people dont change fuel filter no1 cause for hard start :]

When and where did the expedition start for Vespucci?

The expedition started in Spain

What would cause Nissan 2000 Maxima to turn over but not start the starter MAF coils6 have all been replaced still same problem?

could be the timing belt if it is broken it will turn over all day but wont start could also be fuel pump and filter it the pump is bad or the filter is severly clogged you will have the same problem

What problems can a bad fuel filter cause?

Hard starting and engine stalling. Eventually the filter will become completely clogged and the engine will not start.

Why is your Ford Expedition hard to start?

why does my ford expedition crank over but not start all the time

What could cause a 1989 Honda Accord 2.2 to turn over but not start?

Spray some carburetor cleaner into the intake. If it starts then the problem is ignition related.i have just learned that it could also be a very dirty air intake filter, if the filter is clogged combustion cannot take place.jay

What would cause a 1995 Dodge Neon to stall after initial start up?

I would check the fuel pressure first. It could be a clogged fuel filter, or bad fuel pump.