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Yes, by not getting US troops directly engaged with the Vietcongs.


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The Vietnam War might have been avoided, if communism had not been involved.

If communist North Vietnam did not try to conquer South Vietnam, the war would have been prevented.

US fighters are better now...they all have guns on them! If it hadn't been for the Vietnam War, they'd all just have missiles.

Yes, the Reds were stopped in Korea, the idea was they could be stopped in Vietnam also.

If it were better planned, better equipped, better executed, and had developed better amphibious tactics, it could have; but given the times, no.

It could have had better public infrastructure, building codes and government.

The hurricane itself could not have been prevented. The damage it caused could have been reduced if the levees had been better maintained. Deaths could have been reduced if the evacuation had been competently handled.

Not being able to occupy Laos on the side of North Vietnam could have increased casualties and escalated efforts.

Before World War Two, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire.There had been fighting in Vietnam for decades before the Vietnam War began.

The hurricane itself could not have been prevented. The devastating effects in New Orleans could have been prevented by a better levee system.

No. As of the 2008 Games, the Olympics have never been held in Vietnam.

if they new about so they could be more prepared

No. The Army will let you join at the age of 17 if both your parents approve, so the earliest a soldier born in 1961 could be in the Army is 1978 - several years after the Vietnam War ended.

Jonas says that it was good that there were no choices because someone might make the wrong choice and that could cause chaos. Also, this is what he has been taught by his community. Later in the novel, however, Jonas learns that choices are a vital part of a proper life.

in all truth yes, the u.s could have stayed neutral. however, we would not have been doing our part in the united nations. stopping comunism is something worth fighting for.

YES. Vietnam has been a Communist Country for decades.

They were concerned because at the time, China was communist so (obviously) they were supporting the north of Vietnam. China could have been worried as America had been such a big force in WWII.

The U.S. government finally admitted after the war that they had no business being there. JFK and Bobby Kennedy knew it and so did Martin Luther King and 1/2 of the population of the U.S. Marcy It could have been run by the military instead of the politicians. Those who traveled to North Vietnam and allowed themselves to be used in propaganda by the enemy could have been charged with treason. In short, the US could have acted as if we were actually fighting a war and forgotten about politically correctness. We could have run an active bombing campaign against the NVA staging areas north of the DMZ. We gave the North Vietnamese a virtual sanctuary from which to attack South Vietnam. US troops should have attacked in southern North Vietnam and taken the war to the enemy. Instead we fought a defensive war in the south. It was only at the end of the war did we attack and bomb North Vietnam war making facilities in the north to any great extent. This was in the era before political correctness, we were actually afraid of Chinese intervention which is what had happened in Korea.

If they hadn't been a communist country trying to take over another possibly. If the Soviet Union and/or Communist China were not involved, possibly.

There was once a South Vietnam in the 20th Century; there is no, nor has there been, a South Vietnam in the 21st century.

I know the Vietnam war for sure and the others are on the tip of my tongue

The US has fought no major wars since Vietnam.

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