Could worms make your stomach growl?

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Worms could make ones stomach growl, it's very possible.
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What is going on inside your body when your stomach is growling?

Answer . \nintestines are squirting juices for digestion.. Stomach Growling . The growling of your stomach (and intestines too) has to do with the presence of air within your gut. Your gut is a hollow tube that is lined with muscle. This muscle contracts even when you are hungry, producing w ( Full Answer )

Why is it that every time after you eat your stomach still growls?

Stomach Growls . \nIt growls because when food is in your stomach your stomach churns up your food, and when it is empty it growls.. Answer . \nWelcome to the wonderful world of DIGESTION. If you've enjoyed some of the foods and/or beverages that contribute to a gassy buildup - beans and car ( Full Answer )

Why does your stomach growl when you are hungry?

Answer . Because your stomach constantly churns as it adds digestive juices to food. When empty, the air transmits sound waves more easily than when the stomach is full of food.

Why does your stomach growl?

BECAUSE YOU'RE HUNGRY. Yes, but here's more on that. the almost empty stomach is allowing gas to accumulate, when this gas enters the intestine it can make a gurgling or growling sound, even when you are not hungry this can happen deeper down in the intestine, it is why sometimes you stomach ca ( Full Answer )

Why do stomachs growl?

It's actually not your stomach that is growling. It's the bottom ofyour esophagus, just before the top of your stomach.

How do you remove worms out of stomach?

What you need is you test to see if you really have them. Bloating, stomach cramps, increased appetite and brittle hair, constipation... these are all symptoms. If you have some of these symptoms, see a doctor right away. If you have worms and these need treating the doctor will administer a trea ( Full Answer )

Can your stomach growl when you are pregnant?

I believe so. If you need food, so does a baby, and in the womb, that disgusting lump on your stomach does need it too. When you eat, some of it goes to that lump, and if you don't eat, you get so hungry and your stomach must growl louder than ever. plz send a vid of a pregnant stomach growling on y ( Full Answer )

How do you get stomach worms?

Stomach worms are caused by infection through the means of air, food or water. These worms generally are the cause of constipation, bloating of the stomach and other health issues. Symptoms of worms in the stomach include anaemia, diarrhoea, digestion problems, weariness, rashes on the skin etc. mos ( Full Answer )

Does your stomach still growl when youre pregnant?

Yes your stomach does growl when you are pregnant, if you are hungry then it will growl no matter what. There is one thing you can do to stop the growling of your hungry stomach. You must eat something....... I recommend beans (a lot of protien)

Stomach growling noise just after eating?

Avoid sugar and use senna leafs once a week when at home to cleanse your system for few weeks. Senna leafs can be found at most spanish stores. Boil the leafs and drink the water. After few hours, diarrhea will follow, so stay at home. You may also try probiotic supplements.

What could cause these symptoms upper stomach cramping like an empty stomach growl pain pain in middle back severe pain in lower back mixed with sciatic nerve pain nausea headaches fatigue?

My best bet is a slipped disc or similar causing impingement to the nerve root. It is common to have effects posterior and anterior (front and back) or in this case, lower back and stomach - at the same time. Unfortunately sciatic nerve problems can commonly cause nausea and headaches and fatigue. T ( Full Answer )

What causes stomachs to growl?

your stomach growls because when the stomach has food in it it is churning the food but when there is no food in your stomach it is churning plain air which creates the growling sound.

How do you stop your stomach from growling in public?

Haha, I had this once too. It was under a test -of course- and I wasn't really hungry. Then suddently: GROOOOOOWL!!! My stomach began embarrasing me. Everyone in class heard it. The worst part was when the cute boy next to me told me to get some food. My answer is: Before you have something like a ( Full Answer )

Do worms have a stomach?

No, worms do not have a stomach--they do have a crop and a gizzard, as part of the digestive tract. The mouth of the worm connects directly to this tract, which runs the entire length of it's body.

How do you make your stomach growl?

There are lots of ways to do so, I bet, but the 2 ways to make your stomach all growly and grumbly and rumbling-like i that follows: 1. eat lots of food 2. eat something bad which will make your belly upset and it'll start growling a lot 3. don't eat anything for dinner. then, while in bed, tr ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when your stomach is growling but your not hungry?

There is a little person inside of you that is drowning in your stomach acid. The "growl" you hear is actually him/her screaming for help. Sometimes they are calm, for the tide is low. Other times, you have been active for the day, and all the stomach acid is swishing around. Other times, he is not ( Full Answer )

What would you do if your stomach growled on a date?

You apologize nicely. Its a thing that you cannot control, so you don't have to be embarrassed and is nothing to be ashamed of. You could say a joke about it just to relax the situation and make the partner smile a bit :)

What causes the stomach to growl?

When your stomach growls, your stomach has acids, that pour down. It means it's getting ready for the food. But before it gets ready, you smell food. BUT IT AINT' THERE IN YOUR STOMACH! So you stomach starts to growl because of the smell, the acid pours, but the food you smell isn't there, AND IT GR ( Full Answer )

How do you know if you have worms in your stomach?

This was my question. But I can answer it to the ebst of my abilities thanks to the doctor oz show, thanks. signs you have worms . bloating . stomach aches . fatigue If you have all or any signs visit a doctor....

If you have been light head and nausea to my stomach for two days could it be that you have round worms?

There are any number of reasons for it. No contributor to this site can diagnose illnesses, diseases or pregnancy over the internet, nor is it the purpose of this site for them to do so. The best that can be offered is general advice which can never be personal to any asker. If you are truly worri ( Full Answer )

Can you hear your stomach growl when your pregnant?

I'm sure you can. That disgusting lump on your starving stomach takes half of the food you eat, so when you're hungry it is too, and if you can hear your own un-pregnant stomach growl, im sure a pregnant stomach is even louder.-IQ

How do you make a dog growl?

If the dog is familiar to you you may bare your teeth and make the growling noise; often a dog will mimic this motion. You must, however, be careful if the dog is violent it may attack you.

How can you make your stomach growl loudly?

There are a few ways to do this and they include: -Not eating anything for a little while. This one can take alittle while, the longer you wait the louder the growling will get.But don't starve yourself! -Eating something that upsets your stomach. This isn't thebest option because you often get ( Full Answer )

Can a horses stomach growl?

yes a horses stomach can growl as i have heard horses stomachs growl before. it sounds just like a humans.

Is thunder Jesus's stomach growling?

No, thunder is when voltage from earths atmosphere strikes down at Earth's, its photosphere gives it the appearance of a bolt

How is stomach growling shows evidence of a chemical reaction?

When your stomach's empty, it releases a feisty little chemical called ghrelin. When your stomach's growling, it's this gremlin of a hormone makes you want to eat. Yes, ghrelin is the culprit that's sending desperate messages that you're hungry!

When a dog makes a low growl you say it?

The right tone of voice when a dog is growling will either make it calm down or stop. If not working and the dog attacks, I suggest that you can dominate your dog by going up to him right after he attacks and put your hands behind you while you move toward your dog. If this doesn't work, consult wit ( Full Answer )

What causes worms in children stomach?

children get worms in their stomach by not eating healthy or not eating any fruits or vegetables AT ALL NOT EVEN ONCE IN THEIR LIFE!

Why does your stomach feel empty and growl even after you have eaten?

Because, when you have eaten, your stomach begins to digest. Sometimes, while it is digesting, it will make funny sounds. This does not mean that you need more to eat, simply that your stomach is doing its job. Also the sugars have not shut off the "hunger" receptors in the brain yet.