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Yes, that's how pregnancy usually starts.

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Q: Could you be pregnant cause the guy you slept with didnt use a condom and ejaculated in you and slept with it in me could i be pregnant?
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Could you be pregnant cause the guy you slept with didnt use a condom and ejaculated in you and you slept with it in you?


How long does semen stay wet?

ANSWER: Until it dries..... it lives the same amount as sperm if it was can still cause you to be pregnant

Can you be pregnant if you are on contraceptives but missed one the day after your husband ejaculated inside if you?

Missing ONE pill in a packet is not likely to cause pregnancy

How long should be the penis to make a girl pregnant?

Length has nothing to do with it, it isn't the penis that makes her pregnant, it is the sperm ejaculated through it.Length is irrelevant. Any size can cause pregnancy

They used a condom and he didnt ejaculate. It was on a fertile day. Could she be pregnant?

If the information supplied is correct only an immaculate conception would cause a pregnancy. in other word no not a snowball's hope in hell

What is the chance of getting pregnant if you use a condom that has expired?

No one has actually figured out the chances of using an expired condom, but one thing is sure. An expired condom has a much greater chance of breaking, which can cause pregnancy. Don't take the chance.

If you wear a condon can you still get pregnant?

well... Yes, only if a lot of his sperm{nut} comes out, or the condom tears. Other than that, if you wear a condom you cant get pregnant! Or if he does something stupid like put it on wrong. Friction will cause it to tear. -BriAnna Cooper

Can smoking while pregnant cause the baby to have ADHD?

I don't know if it could cause ADHD but I you do smoke when you are pregnant your child could be born with a birth defect

What cause nipples to swell?

It depends, you could be pregnant.

What lubricants can cause a condom to tear or break?

Silicone-based lubricants and vaseline can cause a condom to tear or break.

If your ovaries hurt could you be pregnant?

Yes you can but it can cause problems.

Can metronidazole vaginal gel cause you to not become pregnant?

No. The only thing that can prevent pregnancy is abstaining from sex completely or by using a condom in conjunction with birth control.

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