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Could you be pregnant if you are a few days late but you take your birth control every day religiously and you and your partner use a condom every time you have sex?


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The answer is of course 'Yes', spills can happen, and BC can fail. However it's *very* unlikely. Wait a few days and get a brand name pregnancy test. If you're still in doubt, and a good idea anyway, would be to goto your doctor and consult him/her.


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yes there is a chance that you can become pregnant from you partner pulling out without a condom

He does not have to withdraw, you wont get pregnant if your pardner is wearing a condom.

Birth control is only made to prevent pregnancy. Birth control does not prevent you from STI's/STD's. So if you are not in a monogamous relationship, meaning you or your sexual partner have intercourse with other people, then a condom should be worn to protect you and your partner. However, a condom is not necessary to prevent you from getting pregnant while on birth control, because if you birth control is taken everyday at the same time, you birth control is 99.99% effective. If you are sure that it is safe for your health to engage in sexual intercourse without a condom, then a condom is not necessary if you trust that your partner has no STD's.


If you and your partner are using a condom, then your partner will not be wanting/expecting a baby at this time. If you want a baby it would be better to discuss this with your partner and if he agrees you can then have sex without using the condom. You also need to think about protection, a condom protects you from sexually transmitted diseases, if you put the inside of the condom in yourself you lose this protection. I understand you want to get pregnant but please wait till you find the right person and share the baby between you.

You cannot get pregnant unless it breaks and leaks. So be sure to get a good condom, and make sure that if your partner ejaculates that the condom does not break

Yes. If the holes in the condom allowed sperm cells into the vagina, then pregnancy is a possibility.

you could since birth control and using a condom are not 100% preventive, but you have a better chance of not getting pregnant if you are using both.

Use a condom or birth control pills.

both are successful but depend on mall partner he agree for condom and then otherwise its duty for female partner

The only "birth control" that works 100 percent is Abstinence. But a condom will help prevent it, without a condom you have a low percent of not getting pregnant.

It prolly was from your girlfriend. They get wet down there in the heat of the moment. If the condom was intact I doubt she is pregnant. Use spermicide along with the condom next time!

Yes, you can still get pregnant. But only if the condom is misused or breaks.

Possibly, if your partner has some infection. You could also get pregnant.

Yes the condom can break and the pills only 90% trustable

Dont have sex! or use birth control....

Birth control pills are quite effective.

yes, if you use a condom and it breaks you can get pregnant.

Responsibility is important.In these cases if you use birth control,the diaphragm or your partner uses a condom, you should be fine.If you feel worried,consult your Doctor immediately.

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

Pregnancy while the male partner is wearing a condom that is not damaged in anyway and if there is no entry into the vagina, just cant happen.

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