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Yes, I have been there. If you find yourself falling asleep at strange times along with your feet being soar there is a good chance. Another simple no doctor test is to push on your breasts, not gently. If they are really soar, or even strangly soar by this action you should go to a doctor fast. Sadley my friends and I learned these techniques the hard way. If it just that your balance is off and bad headaches you might have a really bad sinus infection. Either way go to your regular doctor if you feel comfortable and get a pregnancy test while your there. It only takes about ten minutes, and the sooner is allways the better. If you do not feel comfortable than call plan parenthood tell them the situation and set up for an anual exam it will get you in the door, and while your there for that ask for a pregnancy test. Because of your situation they usually make a spot open up. Be honest with them about everything but drug use. They will not help anyone who has used drugs as of a new company poliecey enacted a couple of years ago. Good luck, you'll be fine. yes, of course does are the symptoms of being pregnant i know this because im pregnant and does are my symptoms so good luck and take care ok. Yes, but you could have a migrain also Yes, you could also have eaten something bad or have Allergies. Get a preg test and take the guess out of your worry.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you are feeling nausea dizziness and having really bad headaches?
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Can you be 9 days pregnant and feel pregnant such as feeling bloated with headaches and dizziness?

If you mean nine days after unprotected intercourse it is just about possible to start having symptoms but it sounds more like you have the flu.

Are having cramps headaches and dizziness signs of pregnancy?


Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts could I be pregnant?

Answering "Its a week before my period is supposed to start and I've have been feeling sick but not vomiting having headaches and pee alot been feeling drained sore breasts. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, could I still be pregnant?

Hi you are having really bad backpain headaches really long pees and feeling tired but just had a period could you still be pregnant?


How can you tell if your pregnant when having polysitic when not knowing when your next period is due?

Headaches Feeling sick/actually being sick Positive pregnant test Exhausted Emotional and moody Sore/tender breasts

What are the signs of having your period or the signs of pregnancy?

Period: Cramps Headaches Nausea Diarrohea Tired Emotional and moody Pregnancy: Missed period Headaches Dizziness Feeling sick and actually being sick Exhausted Positive pregnancy test Emotional and moody Needing to pee more

How do you know if your having a baby?

Missed period Really tired/exhausted Feeling sick/actualy being sick Headaches Dizziness Needing to pee more Positive pregnancy test Food cravings Food aversions

How would you know if your having a baby?

Missed period Really tired/exhausted Feeling sick/actually being sick Headaches Dizziness Needing to pee more Positive pregnancy test Food cravings Food aversions

What are the symptoms of having sickle disease?

tiredness,always feeling sick,looking pale dizziness

If you are having pains and headaches but on your period could you be pregnant?

Headache is not a symptom of pregnancy.

You had protected sex and was careful about the condom you got your period on time and it was regular you are having bad headaches what are the chances of being pregnant?

99.9% of the time Period = not pregnant headaches are NOT a sign of pregnancy

How do u know u pregnant?

One knows she is pregnant when they start having signs like vomiting, dizziness among others.

Are you pregnant if Ive been having cramps and headaches and feeling sick all the time?

yea you could be i have had bad headaches,nausuas,horrible crampings, and getting flue like symptoms you might want to check it out chicka..i have to caz i would be going onto my second trimester.

Can you be pregnant if you fell tired all the time having dull headaches all the time and mild cramping?


Could you be pregnant if you are having a fluttery tickling feeling in your belly and are also having a white discharge and you're tired all the time?

yes you could be pregnant. do a test

What are the most common concussion symptoms?

There are many symptoms people experience when they may have a concussion. The most commons ones are having fatigue, frequent headaches, dizziness, and ringing in ears.

What are symptoms that someone's having a stroke?

There are quite a few signs to look for when looking for a stroke. Such symptoms may include, weakness, slurred speech, dizziness, trouble seeing, and headaches.

Did Selena gomez faint at the awards?

Yes, Selena Gomez did pass out at the awards and also at the Jay Leno show after experiencing headaches and nausea. She seemed to be enjoying herself on the show, however. Afterwards, she complained of severe headaches and was having trouble walking because of her dizziness. Just before sitting down, she collapsed and the paramedics were immediately called. She was rushed to the hospital. You may have noticed that her tan was getting lighter, and the reason for her paleness is still unexplained. She is NOT PREGNANT and is feeling much better after a few days of routine tests.

Can you be pregnant if your period was 2 weeks late but you are still having mild cramps with headaches and are sleepy?

Yes - take a test

You had been having intercourse since 20 days Yes i had been having intercourse since 20 days I want to know whether there is any chance of she becoming pregnantand what are the symptoms pls yes pls m?

Yes you could be pregnant. Some symptoms are: Headaches Dizziness Missed period Positive pregnancy test Frequent urination Tender/sore breats Exhausted Feeling sick/actually being sick Emotional and moody Food/smell/colour aversions Food/smell cravings

Why are you having constant headaches numbness on your head dizziness bad taste on your mouth difficulty to concentrate after 2 root canals done in one tooth in three years?

If after two years, you are still having headaches from your tooth, you need to visit your dentist. There could be nerve damage from the bad tooth or root canal procedure.

For a little over a week now you have been having headaches and your breasts are very tender What is wrong with you?

Most likely you're pregnant.

What are some of the symptoms of having a brain tumor?

The symptoms of a brain tumor are headache or a feeling of pressure in the head, temporary loss of consciousness, confusion or feeling as if in a fog, amnesia, dizziness, ringing in the nauseous or vomiting, and fatigue.

Is it possible to get pregnant on the last day of your period then experience pregnancy symptoms such as feeling sick and bloated and having headaches and cramps?

Yes it is possible that is how my oldest child got here. It doesnt happen often though. These could be pregnancy stimtoms I recommed that you see a doctor.

Having your period one day before your period After having your period without intercourse and have a bubbling feeling in the lower abdomen can you still be pregnant?

Um... If ur on ur period, ur not pregnant.