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yes joymaker RN

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you are on the pill but did not take it for a week and had unprotected sex during that week and now your period is four days late but you are having light bleeding?
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Can you get pregnant from having unprotected sex during or the day after you period?

When you have sex at any time during your cycle there is a chance that you could become pregnant.

Having nausua and diahrea can you be pregnant?

Have you had unprotected sex? Then you can be pregnant.

How do peoplem get pregnant?

They get pregnant through having unprotected sex with their partners.

How can a lady get pregnant?

By having unprotected sexual intercourse.

What happens if you having unprotected sex?

you will get pregnant & DIE

How can a teenage girl get pregnant?

by having unprotected sex

During sexual intercourse is it easier to get herpes or is it easier to get pregnant during ovulation?

Both are as equally likely when having unprotected sex.

Are you pregnant if you have your period after sex?

Having your period after unprotected sex means you are not pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from makeing out?

Your chances of becoming pregnant are 100% if you are having UNPROTECTED sex.

Does having implantation bleeding means pregnant?

Yes if you have implantation bleeding it means that you are pregnant.

I have taken 2 hpt both of which are . I can't be but just a few weeks pregnant my husband and I were having sex and I started to bleed during we stopped and the bleeding has too. What's wrong?

If you are definitely pregnant then contact your DR. Having intercourse during vaginal bleeding will usually stop the bleeding, especially during a period.

Can a woman get pregnant by having unprotected sex in seawater?


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