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Unless you have been eating more, exercised less or the period is late you can be as long as you've had unprotected sex. The easy way to find out is buying a test at the store.

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Well obviously you havent missed a period. I thought all of this too but i am now pregnant and know a lot more. No, just because it is hard around there doesnt mean you could be pregnant. It is more likely your muscles. When you first become pregnant, by the 4th week the only thing that is hard is a little spot right above your pubic bone.

You can be pregnant if you have lump in your belly.

Your pregnant You have got your period You ate too much You have not ate anything

There is no such thing as a pregnant belly. Bellies cannot get pregnant and pregnancy involves the womb and not the belly.

When your pregnant your belly gets bigger,and your belly button just sticks out there.

The bottom of pregnant belly is the pubic symphysis.

One knows when one is pregnant when one has no period, has a big belly, cravings, or ya know... a fetus in their stomach...

Could a person be pregnant if they have a inner belly button

you might be getting your period? if not you might be; go to the docters to cheak.

I felt the pregnant lady's belly.

when a woman pregnant and her belly button pops out does that mean she in labor yes or no

It is possible because in the Tyra Showw there is a episode where they talk about unexpected pregnancy and she has a flat belly and get pregnant

Possibly, but the other signs are missed periods. Take a pregnancy test soon if you have missed a period. A hard belly doesn't usually show up until about the 4th month when you start to appear pregnant.

i don't think so. she has gotten kinda of a belly but she is maybe nervous of her wedding and eating. that's what solves my problems. and yes i think it is a rumor

yes, if you haven't had you period in 2 months, then something is wrong or you pregnant, because every month a girl is soppost to have there period. If you not sure ask a doctor, or test a pregnantict test.

No, its not. If you like your big pregnant belly so much, then just get pregnant again. Your so silly. Nooo!! I don't want to get pregnant again, I just want the belly!!

Wtf? What kind of question is this? YESS! Do you even know how to get pregnant? Why would you think that something to do with your belly button will stop you from getting pregnant?

Your tummy will have lumps in places if your pregnant it will be same all the way round if your fat

You can either take out your jewelry, or you can purchase special belly button jewelry for pregnant women, which are simply referred to as pregnancy belly button rings.

If your belly grows and your period stays away for months you should suspect things. That is pretty much the only way.

go see a doctor if you are pondering but otherwise some symtoms is morning sickness,late period and growing belly

bloated belly limping ussally rubing her belly

YOu will not feel anything in your belly until you are about 4 months pregnant.

my belly feels itchy i have a tingling feeling in my stomach does this mean i am pregnant?

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