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Hello - The patch can cause cramping and light periods. But to be certain, see your doctor for a blood test.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 21:53:31
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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had a light peirod and are on the pach and having cramps for over a week with a negative test?
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Can you get pregnant on your peirod?


Are you pregnant if you haven't had your peirod?


Can you get pregnant a couple days before expected peirod?

Afraid so.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant right after her peirod?

A lot less if you use a condom.

Can you go swimming with your peirod?

Yes, you can go swimming when on your period, it can help with the cramps. Also don't froget that you must wear a pad or tampon or else the water will turn red.

Can a girl be pregnant if she had already her period?

yes because the only time you cant is before you start getting period or during your peirod

What does it mean when you start your peirod?

it means you are becoming a woman! It is when your body feals you are redy to start your lifes corse... it means you have the chance to get pregnant, wear a condom;)

Does it hurt to get your peirod?

no i had mine at 11

What is the longest peirod of time?

an eon

How do you know how pregnant you are?

you miss your peirod also your stomach gets bigger sometimes you'll feel it kick. just make sure you look forward to missing your pierod.

Nausea dizzy tierd but cant sleep never can get comfy and lots of discharge with pink in it and then period the day after What could that be?

It could meen that ur pregnant or your gonna have your peirod

Does having your peirod mean that you are ovulating and that you can get pregnant?

Not always, but yes. All woman ovulate at different times and some ovulate while on their period so it is possible to get pregnant, but don't always count on that. Most woman get pregnant on their periods from having sex on the first day or last day of their periods so I've heard. I've been researching all day, but most of this is what I've heard from other people so don't be too sure. Go to a doctor to see when you are ovulating for sure. :)

What is a long peirod without rain?

a drought.

When did the jurrassic peirod end?

144 mya

How long is one peirod in hockey?

20 mins

I haven't started my peirod but it feels lie i am going to bc I have been having real bad cramp and a lot of gas are those two signs of getting close to your peirod beginning?

That's a sign of too much Mexican food. Keep off those burritos! yes that's a sign that ur about to start ur period

You missed a pill on the Friday so just took the saturdays one but never took the fridays at all you then had unprotected sex with your boyfriend Friday night could you be pregnant?

better hope not not unless you have your peirod

What time peirod did the akkadians exist?

1900 to 150 B.C.

What is wrong with you if you didnt have your peirod for two months took a urine pregnancy test at the doctors but it was negative could it be wrong if not What is wrong with you?

Ask a trained profesinal. If your a teen do that or ask your heath teacher. nothing is wrong with you not eveybody goes threw menapause at at old age and if you are having sex but havent done it in a while then you might just be a lilttle fertle having sex at a young age when you start having your period can mess up the flow of your period that why over 15 over 15

The peirod known as the middle ages began after?

The fall of Rome in 410AD

Your girlfriend peirod are like 4 months apart is it a big chance to get pregnant?

If you and your girlfriend are sexually active there is a big chance she could be pregnant. But you should talk to her about it, if she generally has an irregular period pattern anyway, it could be nothing to worry about but if she has a very regular one you should think about the possibility of pregnancy.

What time peirod did Henry t Sampson jr live?

89 years

When do you have period?

Your period can come at anytime that is why it is always a good idea to have pads or tampons handy. Haveing your period does not mean that you have to be mature it is just a change that happens to every growing female. Periods can cause moodiness,cramps,bloating,headaches,ect. Your period comes every month for about 5 days or more. Sometimes you don't have your peirod you can pregnant or ethier just very stressed so it wont come that month but don't worry it will be there next month to give you what you missed.

Does having your peirod hurt?

to tell u the truth it didnt hurt when i got it but i did notice it when it happened, evryone has different reactions so it is possibly that it hurts alittle (just a cramp ur not going to die of pain)

What does it mean when you have lower stomach pains?

I'm pretty sure it is when your about to start ur peirod...