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Sometimes tubal ligations can fail and you can become pregnant afterwards. The chances of you being pregnant are very low, though. Maybe it's just stress.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you had your tubes tied 3 years ago your periods are very regular the last one was heavy you had spotting in the middle of the month never had that and now your period is late?
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You had intercourse on 21st day after your last periods my periods were regular Is there any chance that you will get pregnant?

YES 1 week before....during....1 week after is the "safe Time) called the rythem method or the middle fortnight in your period cycle.

I got your period in the begein of this month and then i had spotting in the middle of the month and now am feel sick could i be pregnant.?

if you have had sew latly then yes there is a chance.

It was 12 wks between my periods which is the longest ever gone and when I got my period I had sex on the last day when I was finished am I pregnant?

Absolutely not! There is no egg there for the sperm to fertalize. The egg does not rest in the uterus until, about, the middle point between your periods. However, sperm can live for up to five days. It is NOT possible for you to be pregnant.

Period on the last of each month regular but now one the beginning of the month for two days only?

Sometimes women bleed when they release an egg. This would happen in the middle of your cycle (ie in between regular periods).

Is it normal to have spotting in the middle of your period its regular at first 3days then spotting for 4 days then heavy at the end 3 days?

First of all, ten-day periods are not normal, PERIOD. Second, this pattern can indicate a hormonal imbalance, endometriosis, or another gynecological condition that should be looked into. I've experienced the pattern you described, and I was diagnosed with menorrhagia (excessively heavy bleeding) and premature ovarian failure in progress. GET IT CHECKED OUT, especially if you want to have kids someday!

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What are the chances of getting pregnant if your partner had 2 periods in 1 month and the last 1 was around the middle of the month and she had unprotected sex at the beginning of the next month?

There is a chance she could be pregnant or this could be down to irregular period cycle. Get her to do a test.

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Is there a problem if you are spotting in the middle of a pack of pills?

Yes there may be. You need to see your Doctor.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant the day you get off your period?

Very slim. If you are having fairly regular periods then it is unlikely that you will fal pregnant on the day they start. Ovulation is in the middle of your menstrual cycle. so if your periods start every 28 day you will ovulate on about day 14 periods normally last some where between 3 and 7 days all depending on the individual. This means that one is not in any particular danger of pregnancy until after the ninth day from the start of the period. after that, keeping in mind that sperm can last 4 days inside the uterus and that the ovum lasts two days there is a window of opportunity of about 6 0r 7 days.

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What does it mean if you are spotting?

Spotting is what happens when just a little of the menstrual blood comes out in the middle of your cycle(when you're not expecting a period at all) or it is a sign that your normal flow is about to begin. Spotting is usually light in color, and doesn't require a hefty sized napkin to clean up. But I am on birth control and I am actually expecting to be on my period and it is very light in color and only lasted for one day. is there something wrong? Am i pregnant? I shouldn't be, or is it not healthy for me to take this birth control anymore?

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The time midway between menstruali periods.

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If your periods came on the 10 December can it get pregnant on the 28 December?

I am no exert, but i would say it is likely that you are pregnant. If your period started on the 10 and lasted 4 day or so, that would mean that yu got pregnant about 14 after your period ended. This would mk perfect sense, because most of the time women ovulate in the middle of their cycle.

Im positive im pregnant my past few periods were late and very irregular and short.i took a pregnancy test in the middle of the day and it came out negative but i have all of the symptoms?

It sound like you need to see a doctor either, A because you are pregnant or B if you are not there is something that needs to be looked at.

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