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you certainly could be, i would suggest a $5 pregnancy test from a supermarket.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have a weird feeling in your stomach very tired hungry moody pee a lot and your breast hurt?
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How do you know when you're hungry?

Well sometimes you don't know your hungry. But your stomach might growl and you can see that your not hungry but your stomach is. And sometimes your stomach is not hungry but your are youll have a feeling in your tummy. So that's how you know if your hungry or not.

What does it mean if your stomach growls and you have a fluttery feeling?

you are hungry or you have gas..maybe even an upset stomach.

Feeling bloated and stomach pains and hungry but you feel full?


Why does your stomach hurt so bad when im hungry are you pregnant?

I am not an expert but, I get super hungry and I am not pregnant. (By the way I am 10 yrs. old.)

Why does stomach rumble?

because you are either hungry, digesting food or feeling sick.

Can you hear your stomach growl when your pregnant?

I'm sure you can. That disgusting lump on your starving stomach takes half of the food you eat, so when you're hungry it is too, and if you can hear your own un-pregnant stomach growl, im sure a pregnant stomach is even louder.-IQ

Does stomach growl during early stages of pregnancy?

The stomach always growls, pregnant or not. You are most likely hungry or gas is passing through.

What does it mean when you wake up with a empty feeling in your stomach?

You probably need nourishment. It means that you are hungry and need to have breakfast.

What does a rumbling bubbly feeling in your stomach mean?

It means than your stomach is hungry/is empty or that it is upset. It could also mean you have gasses passing through you intestiens.

When your stomach grouls does it mean your hungry?

yes, when your stomach grouls that means you are hungry!

If you have light spotting and little bit of cramps and your stomach is hurting and you are feeling hungry could you be pregnant?

It very well could be. But spotting and cramping don't sound right. I think you should try a home pregnancy test.

What is the difference between being hungry and pregnant?

Being hungry is a feeling. Hunger is your bodies response to lack of food or nutrients. Being pregnant is a physiological state of housing a developing fetus/baby inside your womb.

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