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Yes, you could but numerous other factors can cause "bleeding" your local health dept or your doctor can tell you if you are pregnant with a simple blood test

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you have spotting for one day and you bleed heavy for two days then you have spotting again?
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Could you be pregnant 4 days of spotting 1 day bleed then spotting for the next 3days?

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

Could you be pregnant if you had period jul9 bleed again jul23 started light spotting august10th and spotted after intercourse and period still hasn't come?

If there was unprotected intercourse in there somewhere then yes.

Is it normal to bleed a little while pregnant?

It's normal to have spotting.

If you bleed brown does that mean you are preagnet?

No. Spotting can be caused by a variety of things, and you may not bleed at all if you're pregnant.

What does it mean if you bleed again about a week after you end your period?

Honey, it's called a spotting. It's completely normal. If you have had sex, it's possible you may be pregnant.

How is it possible to bleed while pregnant?

because your egg is attatching to the uterine wall and there maybe a spotting or drops of blood during this!You may also have a condition with the placenta that could cause u to bleed! Hope I could help!?:)

Could you be pregnant if you spot for 3 days bleed 1 day then back to spotting?

went to docs, got bloods done and was given antibiotics for pelvic infection.

Is light pink spotting a sing that I am pregnant?

Probably better to get a test, a few women may bleed when pregnant, but the majority of women don't.

Will a pap smear make you bleed?

Pap smears may cause spotting, particularly if you're pregnant. The spotting should stop within a day or two.

Are you pregnant if you started spotting two days after your period?

No, if you menstruated then you are not pregnant - it is possible to bleed when pregnant, but biologically impossible to menstruate during pregnancy. Two days after menstruation spotting is normal, it's just the remaining blood leaving your body.

Why have you had no withdrawal bleed could you be pregnant?


You are having period cramps can you still be pregnant?

I took 8 cytotec in 2 days but bleed little now am spotting with cramps am I still pregnant

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