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Unlikely if you've had a normal period and are not experiencing any other symptoms.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if you rarely ever sweat but when sleeping the other night you woke up drenched?
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If your boyfriend suddenly start eating a lot and sleeping a lot could you be pregnant?

Your boyfriends eating and sleeping habits have no bearing on whether you are pregnant.

Why is your boyfriend sleeping a lot lately could you be pregnant?

I could be because he dont pull out.

Whats the chance of getting pregnant by the man with a vasectomy if you slept with a man who can definitely get you pregnant and then like a week later sleeping with someone who had a vasectomy?

you might get pregnant from sleeping with the man that could get you preggo.

Will taking sleeping pills make it hard to get pregnant?

Sleeping tablets should be avoided during the time you are trying to get pregnant as it could affect you , and you may also loose imterest in the act.

Can you get pregnant when your partner has had a vasectomy and you have the coil?

Normally no, but rarely, it could happen, especially right after the surgeries.

I feel tired and sleepy all the time?

if your a woman and already had sex then you could be pregnant, or have a sleeping disorder. If your a man then probebly just the sleeping disorter

Could you be pregnant when you took 3 test that said negative but still haven't come on your period?

most definitely yes. You can be pregnant and still have a negative test. If you do get a positive test though it is rarely wrong and means you are pregnant.

You have no symptoms except that you are very sleepy after a condom breaking a week ago could you still be pregnant?

You could be pregnant - I am not denying that - but sleepiness only a week later would not be from pregnancy. It is more like you are not sleeping enough because you are worrying about it.

Is it safe to get tattoed when pregnant?

I would not do it, and it is not recommended either. Sometimes, a nervous tattooee will faint during the process, and rarely, they will also seizure. If you are pregnant when this happens it could terminate the fetus.

You spotted for four days and then started your period for 2 days and then it stopped could you be pregnant?

No. your hormones can be messing with you, or you may have a lot of stress going on there is always a chance but rarely that you can be pregnant. You can spot when your pregnant it depends on you and your body. HOPE THIS HELPS YOU OUT!

Could a blessed whip drenched in holy water kill vampires?

Vampires don't exist so the answer is no

Why did you have a nosebleed while you were sleeping?

you could have hit it on something when you were sleeping

Could you have esophageal spasms at night when you are sleeping?

Yes, you could esophageal spasms at night while sleeping.

Spotting nausea headache queasiness and vomitted once and heartburn Could I be pregnant?

The only time i ever suffered with heartburn was when i was pregnant. i felt sick alot but was very rarely actually sick, didnt get alot of headaches though.

Could you be pregnant and not know?

Could u be pregnant and not know

We used a condom but it leaked could i be pregnant?

If semen entered the vagina, there is a chance that you could become pregnant. Yes - you could be pregnant.

What does it mean if your cervix is low and hard but you're not pregnant?

the vagina changes sometimes daily it could be hormones but be certain to have endomitriosis check. Rarely it can grow on the outside of uterus to cervix

If you are eating a lot but eating makes you sick and you are sleeping a lot but are still tired could you be pregnant?

It is very possible. Take an at-home pregnancy test or go and have a test done at a clinic.

Could you be pregnant if you're supposed to start your period in a couple of days but and could this be your last period and still be pregnant?

If your period doesnt arrive or its very light then yes you could be pregnant. If its normal then no your not pregnant.

5 days late for your period and have a metallic taste in your mouth could you be pregnant?

You could be pregnant. You could be sick. You could be both pregnant and sick. Go see a doctor right away.

Could you be pregnant after a tubal ligation?

could i possibly be pregnant after i got a TUBAL LIGATION

Could you be pregnant or is it in your head?

If you have had sexual intercourse with someone, then you could possibly be pregnant. If not, then you aren't.

What are the disadvantages of being a nocturnal animal?

when you are sleeping during the day and most animals are alive during the day but if you sleeping during the day your habitat could be sabotaged.

Does sleeping under 5 blankets make you sick?

It shouldn't but if you get really hot while your sleeping, you could.

What could I do since my boyfriends condom broke but I don't think im pregnant what should i do?

If you are not pregnant that's good just be more careful next time and use better quality condoms. because having a child is rarely as much fun as it is made out to be especially on your own.

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