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Unlikely. Its most likely a effect from stopping the pill.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-24 22:14:31
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Q: Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill a month ago and had a strange 4-day period last month and you are 6 days late for your period this month but a pregnancy test was negative?
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Could you be pregnant if you haven't had a period in six weeks but a pregnancy test came back negative?

Period can be late for several reason. If the tests come back negative you are more likely to be not pregnant. If I were you I would go for a blood test or an ultarsound it is possible to detect pregnancy if you are. It is a bit strange that your period is late for so long time , the best is to see a doctor! All the best!

You have gotten 3 positive home pregnancy tests and 4 negative Is it possible you are still pregnant only had a 3 hr period at most and since then have had strange painscramping. am i pregnant?

It's a fact, you can't get a false positive, but it's very likely to get a false negative! The pregnancy hormone detected in pregnancy tests is at it's strongest in the first urination of the morning, so if your negative results were at a different time, it's likely you weren't far enough along to detect it, except for in the morning. GO SEE YOUR DOCTOR!!! =)

How do you know your pregnant and have a period?

Pregnancy can have "strange" side effects. Usually, it's called spotting, but you need to talk to your doctor.

Is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms if you are not pregnant?

Some things are the same as when you are pre-menstrual so not it's not strange depending on what symptom we are talking about.

35 weeks pregnant 6 centimeters dilated and not hurting?

Each pregnancy is different. Personally I find strange you're complaining about not hurting during a pregnancy. But, my advice? See a GP.

Could you have your period for a hole month then found out that your pregnant?

yes! some people go their hole pregnancy without noticing that they are pregnant, having their normal periods and all. strange but true...

Can you still be pregnant if you've missed 2 periods but had a negative pregnancy test?

Yes. In fact, my second child came about the same way. I missed several periods and still negative on pregnancy test. Be sure! Get a blood test from a doctor! During first weeks of pregnancy, home pregnancy tests don't always work. Also look for other signs, naseau, dizziness, fatigue. With my first pregnancy, I missed three periods and still was negative on test, but I also was unable to run without becoming very tired(strange for me - a 20K a week runner)-The doctor's blood test was positive! Good LUCK:)

Could there still be a chance of pregnancy if you had a tubal done and are experiencing strange feelings in your lower abdomen but have not missed a period and have had negative results on tests?

no chance of pregnancy. see your doctor for ultrasound scan.

Negative Connotation of strange?

A negative connotation is a descriptive word that implies an undesirable characteristic. A negative connotation of the word strange is the word weird.

What is the best way to prevent from being pregnant?

By using birth control or not have vaginal intercourse. If you already are pregnant (you formed the question a bit strange) the only way to terminate a pregnancy is by having an abortion at the doctor.

When your pregnant when do you get food cravings?

Each pregnancy and each woman is different. You could have food cravings, you could have strange food cravings. You'll just know when you have them.

What does it mean when you dream an unborn baby is not your husband's?

This dream would take on different meanings depending on whether or not the dreamer is pregnant. During pregnancy, strange, vivid dreams are very common, apparently effected by the changing hormones of pregnancy. In this case, the dream might reflect natural feelings about the strange feelings, moods and physical changes of pregnancy. > If the dreamer is not pregnant, the unborn baby is a metaphor for some development or project in the dreamer's life that feels wrong or illegitimate for some reason.

Is strange a positive or negative connotation?

Im going to have to say negative.

What is the negative connotation of strange?

A negative connotation that can be interpreted when calling something "strange" is that it is somehow inferior because it is not considered "normal." Depending on the situation, being strange can either be advantageous, or disadvantageous.

IS Thickening of endometrium can lead to pregnancy?

Strange question. Sex, or artificial insemination leads to pregnancy.

You have been having regular periods but you have strange nausea spells Could this be a sign of pregnancy you got pregnant earlier this year but miscarried before any symptoms could show?

It could be a symptom of pregnancy but you do not have normal periods that are heavy flow during pregnancy. You can experience light bleeding but not heavy. Do a test.

If you are tired have headaches and body aches and tender nipples bloated and strange feeling in your stomach could you be pregnant?

Of course! these are obvious signs of pregnancy, however there are other conditions that could explain this too, including problems with your cycle. go get a pregnancy test if you want to know!

Are cravings for food a symptom for pregnancy?

Yes, in fact strange food cravings are one of the more common pregnancy symptoms.

Can dry humping lead to pregnancy I ejaculated on my underwear but i was wearing jeans she was also wearing jeans and a thong. I know it's hard but she is having some strange symptoms.?

It is very unlikely that she's pregnant

Can you have the intercourse when you are pregnant?

yes most defiently and i enjoyed it i have been pregnant twice and sex was a little strange at first but we got used to it and we really loved sex any time that we could get ityes you can! some women perfer having sex during pregnancy as there senses are hightened.Yes. It is perfectly healthy and okay to have intercourse whilst pregnant. As long as you do not feel extreme abdominal pain (very uncommon). With a normal pregnancy, there is little to no risk.

I started feeling strange May 28 like i was pregnant i wait to go to the doctor July but they said no i was not pregnant but my stomach is shaped like i am pregnant now and i feel movement so what?

This is what you do ,you go to the doctor and say if u are pregant because,this may sound weird but the higher or lower you do the the pregnancy thing the different result you get if you no what i meen,or get a better pregnancy test that is really good not the cheap ones they may not really work,but i recommend you going to the doctor.

What happens if your tubes are tied and burned is it possible to get pregnant?

Tied and burned is a double job, and the chance of getting pregnant after that are next to none, but no doctor will say it is 100% effective because strange things can happen. That is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy beside abstaining from sex completely.

Why after your pregnancy you have started eating more and more raw rice?

ur strange...

Could you be pregnant if you have a lot of white odorless discharge and strange stomach tenderness and nausea and are tired and 1.5 weeks late for your period?

The late period, nausea and tiredness are all signs of pregnancy, take a test. Stomach tenderness is not. If it becomes severe go to the doctor as that may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Strange feeling in stomach for a week now include mild bach aches light cramping on and off light headed and vomitted once two days ago you know its sounds like im prego but negative test?

u might be pregnant, because with me when i took a pregnancy test a couple days after my first missed period it came up negative, then my second missed one it came up just depends on ur body.