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It could be any number of things. See a doctor soon because if it's a fallopian tube pregnancy and you wait too long you're putting yourself in danger.

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Q: Could you be pregnant if your right abdomen is always hurting?
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What could have happened if you skipped my period two months and my nipples are hurting?

You could be pregnant.

What could be hurting on the left side of your abdomen?

It could be a common ailment but very serious at any age. It is called diverticulitis. See your doctor as soon as possible.

Will the woman get pregnant if they had abdomen to abdomen contact tight hug but with panties pants boxers clothes on but the male's wetness could be felt on his pant?

no she will not...

What could sharp pains in abdomen before period begins mean?

your back will start hurting. you will feel your breast growing. you will begun to feel your arms hurting because there stretching and all those emotions.

If your upper stomach is hurting could that mean your pregnant?

no it could something else

What if your breast don't be hurting or you don't feel sick but you do feel kicking could you be pregnant?


Could your back start hurting after two weeks for being pregnant?

Yes, this is very possible.

What could be the cause of my stomach feeling hard if I'm not pregnant?

A rigid abdomen could be a sign of peritonitis or Wilms tumor.

Your abdomen has been bloated could you be pregnant?

Constipation, abnormal of gastrointestinal system can also cause this. Buy the pregnant test stripe and do a test, you will know.

Pain in your lower abdomen are you pregnant?

yes this could be a sign of pregnancy because that's where conception takes place.

Your breasts are hurting but you have never had an early period you are not due for another few weeks what could this be?

Could mean you are pregnant. Or it could mean your cycle is changing.If uncomfortable see your doctor.

Could you be pregnant these are your symptoms you are 6 days late your breasts are hurting really bad you see blue veins popping out a little you have cravings and been dizzy your knees are weak?

I would definitely say you are pregnant! Congrats! yes you could be pregnant. do a pregnancy test.

If your breasts usually hurt a week before your period and your period is due in a couple of days and they are not hurting could they begin to hurt after you've missed your period if you are pregnant?

If you have missed a period and your breasts hurt you could be quite possibly pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant once you have a tubal ligation My periods have been normal since I had my tubes tied but Ive been havinf these spasms in my lower left abdomen. Could I be pregnant?

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

How should your belly feel if you are 13 weeks pregnant?

Well I know as early as 8 weeks pregnant my abdomen felt very hard if I pushed on it, whereas when not pregnant I could push in pretty far if I poked by belly.

Severe Pain in lower left abdomen and Pregnant?

You need to see a doctor very urgently as this could well be an ectoptic pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if a few days after conception you are having Frequent urination and discomfort in the abdomen?

Yes u might be. Good luck.

You think you might be pregnant you'r not sure though My breast been hurting of and on before and after my last period which wasn't regular your stomach been really tight could you be Pregnant?

Can someone answer my question!!

Is it normal for the penis to be sore a day after sex?

Yes it could be hurting because my was hurting after me and my girl had sex Yes it could be hurting because my was hurting after me and my girl had sex

Could it be I'm pregnant if you feel a little movement in the abdomen after postpartum 8 weeks?

The fetus would not be big enough to feel yet. does not mean your not pregnant. More than likely gas.

How do you know when my preying mantis is pregnant?

Well if they mate it could take up to 2-4 weeks before you see eggs. But you should notice if they are pregnant that the abdomen will double its regular size.

Could you be pregnant if your lower stomach is bloated and hurts?

I want to know the same thing. I fell extremely bloated (more than ususal when my period is about to start) and a heavy sensation in my lower abdomen with some sharp cramps and dull pain in my lower back. what do i do i dnt know if im pregnet or not when i push under my lower stomach by my private area it hurts its been hurting for like 2 days im worried that i might be but i don't know if i am what should i do please help me I was wondering the same thing so I did some research. Pain in the lower stomach could mean that an embryo is entering the egg or something. It could also mean gas though. Private area hurting COULD mean your having a miscarriage. But like I said theres always something else it could be.

Could you be pregnant if you are suffering from cramps swollen abdomen swollen breasts lower backache and extreme tiredness?

Sure sounds like pregnancy to me.

I feel movement on lower right abdomen and I am not pregnant What could this be?

Mostly likely gas or just the movement of fecal matter through the colon.

If you are having a cramping in the left side of your abdomen sore breasts sore back on the left side and headaches could you be pregnant?

yes you deinitely could be because im getting the same things right now. and i think im pregnant :) congratulations.