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Phantom Pregnancy

Could you be thinking about pregnancy too much?

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It could be or it could just be that you are thinking about pregnancy too much and are a worrier that you have everything wrong with you when in actual fact you are perfectly normal. I would take a test just to be sure.

not thinking but to much stress can kill u

IT depends which way you are thinking. If you eat too much then maybe.

Any alcohol is too much if you are pregnant.

Any amount of alcohol is too much.

You could be either thinking too much into this to where your brain is playing tricks on you and the stress is delaying your period - making it shorter. OR you could have tested too early for the test to tell and could have gotten a false negative. Test again.

The word is obsess. It means to think too much about something.

It wont be too late but the faster you do it the better so you could not start anything else inside you.

thinking too much and a phone!!

You might be thinking about "Too Much Too Young" which was recorded by The Special AKA in 1980.

maybe. it depends on what you think aboutShort answer No.Thinking too much at night would likely produce insomnia, there is no proof of anyone ever dying from it.

Yes, because when you took the first pregnancy test it could have been too early in the pregnancy to detect any hCG.

It could be too much of stress., thinking all the time could also be a factor, reading more than what your brain could carry for the main time.

Yes, many women do experiance heartburn for the first time during pregnancy. although it may not harm you at all, it could be very painful, and uncomfortable. if you do get heartburn during your pregnancy, i wouldn't worry too much.

No. The color of your urine is predominately a symptom of how much water is in it. The more yellow the less water. Could be because you are retaining water because of a pregnancy or menstruation or because you are drinking too much coffee, pop, ice tea, caffeine drinks, or not enough water or even too much salt in your diet.

are you thinking of an abundance or surplus

There are many reasons for a pregnancy test to read incorrectly. The test could have been old/faulty or you could have used too much urine/not enough. It's best to get another test and try again.

your prenatal pills can cause it, too much iron. your prenatal pills can cause it, too much iron.

A flippant answer could be that you drank too much the night before. More probably this is the thinking someone is walking over your grave, that someone is acting against you in some way.

No. It is a sign of eating too much food.

You will only get this milky discharge during pregnancy when you are 3-5 months into the pregnancy. Its most likely too much progesterone in your blood. See your doctor about the discharge.

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