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No. You need much more nutrition and calories to sustain life than boogers can provide.

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Could you survive without seeds?

no no seeds no food

Which chemical energy could you not survive without?


Could you survive on Neptune without food?

no, even without food you will die in minutes by the cold.

How long could a person survive without food?

a person can survive several weeks without food, but they have to at least be having water in their system.

Given air food water heat could man survive without the sun?

food. heat and atmosphere would then be consumables. Yes, you could survive until out of these.

Could frogs survive without energy from the sun?

No. Frogs would not survive without energy from the sun. A frog's food source depends upon the energy of the sun for its food. Without the sun, the frogs would not have food.

The zuinis learned that by growing a blank of food they could survive during times of harsh weather?

They learned that by growing a surplus of food, they could store enough food to survive times without food, such as winter.

Can cockroaches survive without food?

they can survive without it for a week ........

Can you survive with no food?

You can survive 3 days without food

How long can a lobster survive without food?

=Lobsters can survive up to 14 days without food.=

What is the insect that can survive without food for a month?

it's an insect it can survive for three monyhs without food

Why is the producer so important in a food web?

because without them, the primary consumers could not survive, so the secondary consumers could not survive and the same for the tertiary

Can you live without a tongue?

Yes, you could survive without a tongue, but you wouldn't be able to talk or chew food properly.

How is water more important than food?

You could live without food for a few days, but you need water to survive.

Why can green plants survive but mammals could not survive without green plants?

mammals cant survived without green plants because that is their food and that how they live without green plants they will die.

How many years can you survive without food?

You cannot survive long without food, maybe a few weeks at best.

What does a bobcat need to survive?

It needs food, water and a shelter. Without even one of these things any living thing could not survive

How do penguin survive without food?

Well they are not. lol. every live creature needs some sort of food to survive. some kinds are collecting food in there bodies or something but none of them can survive without food :)

Can you survive without food?


How long can a man survive without food?

If properly hydrated, a healthy male can survive for about 3 weeks without any food.

Could producers survive without consumers?

producers cannot survive without consumers because the amount of producers would go up and they would finish their food and then die of starvation.

Why do people need food to survive?

We need food to survive because without it we would die.

Could you survive for a few weeks without food a few days without water but only for a few minutes without air?

That's basically correct.

How long can your planarian survive without food?

A planarian can live without food for about a week.

How long do Betta fish live without food?

A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without foodA betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food