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Glucose is a sugar (-ose) that is found in many foods and drinks, along with other types of sugar like fructose. Glucose-replacement tablets are used when the body cannot process glucose normally because the body is not producing enough insulin to allow transport of glucose into the cells. Insulin acts like a key to open the cell's "door".

Glucose in itself does not cause Diabetes. But excess sugars can lead to obesity. That, in turn, can decrease the body's ability to produce enough insulin to go through the blood and "pick up" all the glucose. You see, insulin is like when two kids give a "piggy back ride"; insulin picks up glucose and carries it like a piggy back ride to the cell. Then, the insulin "opens" the cell wall to allow permeability-- the ability for the cell to allow substances to pass through to the inside.

In diabetes, glucose gets so high, all the insulin can do is hurry and run back and forth, picking up new glucose, giving it a piggy back ride to the cell, unlocking the door, and taking the glucose into the cell... then, leaving immediately to go grab another glucose molecule and repeating the piggy back ride again and again.

Soon, the insulin gets overworked. The pancreas, where insulin is made, gets tired. The pancreas gives up; it can't make enough insulin to keep having the insulin do its job. By then, the person has already gone from a pre-diabetic state to full diabetes.

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Q: Could you get diabetic if you use glucose?
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Does a raised glucose level mean I am diabetic?

A raised glucose level does not always mean a person is diabetic but it does increase the risk of becoming diabetic. It could also indicate kidney problems or be caused of obesity.

Use glucose in a sentence?

Alan always carries some glucose tablets around with him because he is diabetic.

How glucose can be found in urine?

If you are diabetic you can find glucose in urine.

What does it mean if you are dumping glucose in your urine?

diabetic level 2 you are diabetic

What could it mean if glucose is in urine?

It could mean that your bodies homeostasis is out of wack and you are becoming a diabetic. Your body was designed to take all your unused glucose and store it as fat for a later time that your body might need it. If it does not use it, you tend to gain wieght.

What effects does high glucose have on a diabetic person?

The person could go into shock if their readings are too hi.

What do glucose monitors measure?

Glucose monitors measure blood sugar levels in humans. Many people who are diabetic or borderline diabetic must monitor their blood sugar levels. Glucose monitors for personal use can be purchased at almost any drug store.

How does a diabetic use a diabetic strip?

A blood glucose test is performed by piercing the skin to draw blood, then applying the blood to a 'test-strip'. Different manufacturers use different technology, but most systems measure an electrical characteristic, and use this to determine the glucose level in the blood.

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What kind of people need to use blood glucose monitors?

People who are diabetic use blood glucose monitors to monitor their glucose. It's important for diabetics to regularly monitor their glucose to be sure that they are approriatley monitoring their glucose and can make any adjustment to their treatment accordingly.

How much glucose is in diabetic person?

The glucose level changes throughout the day and night..

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