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Could you get hydrogen from salt water?


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Hydrogen can be extracted from salt water by the method of electrolysis, which involves passing an electric current through the water.

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No, the WATER in fresh Water and Salt Water are the same.,

No. Salt does not produce any such reaction.

Water is an oxide of hydrogen.

Salt water consists of atoms of Oxygen, Hydrogen, Sodium and Chlorine.

The 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. Distilled water is water "purified" by distillation. Salt water is water with salt in it.

The molecule of water remain unchanged, and also the percentage of hydrogen.

metal + acid -> salt + water metal + oxygen -> metal oxide metal oxide + acid -> salt + water metal + water -> metal hydroxide + hydrogen Metal + Steam -> Metal Oxide + Hydrogen Metal + Acid -> Metal salt + Hydrogen

The elements are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. The compounds are Water and Sodium Chloride (salt).

salt and water the elements in pure salt water are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. H2O and NaCl this is an ionic solution

Salt water has a higher density than fresh water. Fresh water is only made up of two things, hydrogen and oxygen. Salt water is made up of hydrogen oxygen sodium and chlorine, which gives it a higher density.

Salt water is a mixture: the individual components (salt, water and minerals) can be easily separated by evaporation.Salt and water themselves are compounds; they are composed of the elements sodium and chlorine (salt), and hydrogen and oxygen (water).

Pass an electrical current through the water (electrolysis) Water molecules will be broken apart into hydrogen and oxygen.

Acid + Base = salt + water Acid + active metal = salt + hydrogen gaas

Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) from the salt (NaCl) and then Hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) from the water.

You could evaporate the water, leaving the salt behind.

No, an acid and a metal will usually produce a salt and hydrogen.

If the salt in salt water decreased, salt water fish could not live in that water

i think by distillation..we can get pure water and salt

First, sodium chloride is salt, and salt is nothing like water which is di-hydrogen oxide. Salt is a solid and crystalline at room temperature where water is liquid.

The crystals of salt provides nucleation centers where bubbles of oxygen form and this accelerates the rate of decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.The salt does not participate in any chemical reaction (not even as a catalyst).The water in the hydrogen peroxide dissolves some of the salt crystals, reducing the number of of nucleation centers (gradually slowing the rate of decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen back to its normal rate).

NaCI + H20 NaCI- Sodium Chloride-Salt. H20 is obviously Di-Hydrogen Oxide. Water.

Water is made of two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom to make H2O(Water). Add a salt chemical to make salt water.

It would have to be considering that water is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen, and salt is a compound. Sea water is basically salt water.... you will know because when you go to the beach you can smell the salt and if you swallow the water it will burn your throat because of the salt.

No, but a hotplate can. Hope I could help. =)

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