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Water is H2O. 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. Water is not formed when you mix hydrogen and oxygen. An explosive mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is formed. When you burn hydrogen in oxygen, the resulting compound is water. When you boil water the result is steam, or water vapor. Boiling does NOT separate the hydrogen and oxygen. An electrical current is needed to separate the hydrogen and oxygen. CAUTION: Do NOT put salt in the water to speed up the electrolysis of water. It changes the products. instead of hydrogen and oxygen, you get hydrogen, chlorine (gas), and sodium hydroxide. The last two are very poisonous.


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No. Water is a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen. While elemental Oxygen and Hydrogen are gases.

Hydrogen and Oxygen are the gases present in water in the ratio of 2:1 respectively with a covalent bond.The molecular formula is H2OWhen hydrogen is burnt in presence of oxygen, water is formed that can be written as;(Heat) H2 + O2 -------) H2O

The earth formed and let of carbon, oxygen, and other gases. Those gases collected and formed the atmosphere. When the Earth cooled, some hydrogen and oxygen bonded to make water vapor. Soon we had lakes, then oceans, and then life.

Hydrogen and Oxygen.Related Information:2 molecules of Hydrogen for every molecule of Oxygen, when combined make water (H2O).Water is an oxide of hydrogen, and is formed when hydrogen reacts with oxygen. Water is not a fuel, it is an end-product of the combustion of hydrogen, which is a fuel.The energy required to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, is greater than the energy that can be collected when the hydrogen and oxygen recombine.

Hydrogen and oxygen are the two gases that make up water. Each molecule of water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.

They are both diatomic gases. Hydrogen will explode in oxygen to produce water.

When water splits, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas are formed.

Hydrogen and oxygen undergo combination reaction to form water.When hydrogen and oxygen react together, water is formed.

Hydrogen + oxygen ----> hydrogen oxide (water)

water is formed by combining hydrogen and oxygen ....

Water can not be produced by mixing these to gases, when hydrogen gas is burn in oxygen atmosphere the vapours of water are produced.

Two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen to form water. Both hydrogen and oxygen are gases at room temperature, and they need to be activated in order to form H2O when combined. The activation, through a spark or flame, produces the water when these atoms are combined.

Hydrogen and oxygen are both gases at room temperature, while water is a liquid at room temperature.

Water is made up of Hydrogen && Oxygen.

when hydrogen burns in the presence of oxygen.

Water , however if there is insufficient oxygen some hydrogen peroxide is formed, (H2O2 )

Because the hydrogen and oxygen are already chemically combined.

There are two hydrogen atoms for every oxygen. The formula is H2O.

Electrolysis will break the oxygen-hydrogen covalent bonds, resulting in hydrogen and oxygen gases. =========================

Water is formed due to the strong attraction between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Water molecules are formed by the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

you do this and that and this and also that you do this and that and this and also thatYou can separate water into oxygen and hydrogen by the process of electrolysis.

In the electrolysis of water, hydrogen and oxygen atoms are separated. They form their respective gases and escape the water molecules.

Hydrogen(H2) and Oxygen(O2)

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