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That's a tough question because the condition can vary so much. CVA sold kits, so the condition of the gun depended greatly on the skill of the guy who assembled and finished the gun. Your best bet is to have a local gunsmith look at it and offer a professional appraisal. He will put it on paper if you need something for the insurance company (make sure that you pay him for the service).

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What is the age and value of a 36 caliber Thompson center hawken serial number 12901?

Being a 5 digit serial number puts it early in production , most likely early 80's. However the Hawken was not produced by Thompson Center in .36 caliber, they did make a drop in replacement barrel in .36, but they are very rare. I suspect you may have the Seneca model, this you can determine by measuring across the barrel, flat side to flat side. The Seneca will measure 13/16" across the flats. A Hawken will measure 15/16". The Seneca also has a patch box that is rounded towards the but vs. the Hawken being pointed towards the but. If it is a Seneca .36 in 95% + condition it could be worth in the $500 to 700 range, the Hawken with the .36 drop in barrel would be in the neighborhood of 450 +/-

What is more powerful 50 caliber rifle or a 45 caliber rifle?

We can't really answer that until we know WHICH 45 and which 50. In the case of a muzzleloading black powder rifle, the .50 with have more energy, all other things being equal. However, it could also compare a 50 muzzleloader to a .45-70 cartridge rifle, which is more powerful. Caliber alone only tells us the width of the bullet.

Could you give the value of this gun Cva hawken 54 caliber muzzleloader?

The best way to determine actual value is to search the on-line auctions, such and or even enter your details in the search and see what has SOLD and for how much. if there is nothing current try the archives of past sales or items sold. Another place to look is The blue book of modern black powder values available from Don't forget condition has allot to do with value, so compare apples to apples.

Who made the Hawken rifle?

Hawken rifles were a product of the Hawken Shop of St Louis. The rifles were produced by Jake and Sam Hawken or their employees and successors. Jake worked alone from 1815 to 1822. In 1822 He is joined by his brother Sam. From 1822 till Jakes death in 1849 the rifles were marked J&S Hawken St. Louis. After Jakes death the rifles were marked S. Hawken St. Louis. Other people that were employed by Hawken and could have produced guns in the Hawken shop were, Christian Hoffman, Tristiam Campbell, Christopher Hawken (Jakes son), and William Hawken (Sams son). In 1859 Sam turned the gunshop over to Wm. Hawken and leaves for Denver where he opens a gun shop in 1860. The St Louis shop was sold to Wm. L Watt and others in 1860. Wm. Watt employs J.P Gemmer in 1860 and in 1862 Gemmer buys a share of the business. In 1861 Sam returns to St. Louis in retirement and his Denver shop is taken over by William Hawken. In 1866 J.P. Gemmer is listed as the proprietor of the Hawken shop. J.P. Gemmer retires in 1915 and closes the Hawken shop of St Louis. It doesn't stop here, in the 1960's the estate of J.P. Gemmer was sold off and the tooling and remnant's of the Hawken shop were acquired by Art Ressel who reopened the Hawken shop and produced about 300 guns before closing in the 1980's. The shop was then sold in 1990 to a family in Oak Harbor Washington where original Hawken rifles can be purchased today. Source "Hawken Rifles, The Mountain Mans Choice" John D. Baird

How do you disassemble a percussion muzzleloader?

I would need to know the brand and model, and I could help.

Could you tell me the make of my muzzleloader with a capitol I on the barrel?

Capital I within a box is made by Interarms.

How did the repaeting rifle start?

Someone figured it would be better if they had a rifle which could be quickly reloaded than a muzzleloader.

What is the value of an 1856 muzzleloader?

Depends on who made it, condition, accessories, history, etc... Value could range from 100-10000 or more USD

What does 9 mod para mean on a gun?

Could be a model number, could be a caliber.

Is there a 306 caliber rifle?

No You could build a rifle in .306" or any other caliber but you are likely referring to 30.06. A 30.06 rifle is referred to as "30 Caliber" but to be accurate it is nominally .308"

Could you kill a wild hog with a 223 caliber rifle?


Can you use 45 caliber paintballs for a 50 caliber paintball gun?

There are no 45 caliber paintballs. If there were, you still could not use them in a 50 caliber, due to the barrel being larger and that you would have 1 and 1/4 paintballs in the chamber at a time, which would chop every time.

What was the range of a muzzle loaded rifle?

Depends on the caliber, load, bullet, etc.. I wouldn't want to be within a mile. fixdeluxe1's Improvement: My .54 Calibre Muzzleloader gets about 300m Effective range but the projectile itself could probably travel for 1.5KM. You should only ever fire your muzzleloader within 100m because their is little in the way off effective ballistic properties at longer distances.Even if you fit a telescopic sight to it won't make a large ammount of difference to accuracy. Best employed on medium-to-heavy game and 1-4mm Steel plates at 100 yards.

What kind of ammunition do large caliber rifles use?

Could you be a little more specific? There are lots of rifles considered large caliber, therefore there are all sorts of ammunition.

What caliber is a 14.5 mm?

14.5mm would be the caliber. The actual bullet diameter of the 14.5x114 cartridge is 14.88mm, which translates to .586 inches, so, if it could be and were marketed on the US civil market, it would probably be marketed as something like .58 caliber or such.

Could you see a picture breakdown of lorcin 380 caliber?


Why is your Lincoln Mark 8 pulling to the left when you brake?

Could be a partly frozen caliber.

Who manufactured the German 22 caliber pistol with a B on the grip?

Could be HS, Rohm

What action does model 700 BDL have?

If you state the caliber we could then determine the size of the action.

What does para mean on a gun?

Maybe paratrooper variant?

How much are Smith and Hawken furniture items?

Depending on the types of furniture items that are desired, the prices will be different. If one wants a small outdoor chair, the consumer could pay as little as $20, but prices could go into the upper hundreds with couches.

What does BC marking mean on a Uberti 45 caliber regulator?

Could be part of the sn, could be an assembly code, could be a date code, could be part of model designation

What is information on a Stevens Firearms Tool shotgun 44 shot that looks to be 410 gauge?


Steering pulls to right when braking on 1994 mark8 Lincoln?

Could be the caliber on the passenger side

What is a Pezzonovante?

it could mean 90 kg man or a man with a big gun caliber 90