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Yes, probably a yeast infection.

2006-08-17 01:42:50
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How do you know if you have vaginal infection?

You should have a doctor look at it, but if it's irritated and/or there's abnormal discharge, you might have a problem.

When do anuses bleed?

They can bleed if u have anal intercourse or a hemmroid is irritated

What does it mean when the labia majora swells after intercourse?

It could mean that you are allergic to latex after sex, or you could be irritated by a certain soap brand that he uses. This can also be a sign of an infection I would suggest to check with your physician. Good Luck!

Can the discharge a day after intercourse be sperm not mucus?

Discharge seen 1 - 3 days following intercourse, is a combination of both vaginal fluid and semen. As semen contains fructose, it emits a sweetish odour. When vaginal fluids, which are acidic, combines with semen, the discharge can become sticky and smell slightly offensive. Bear in mind, that the sperm cells are living cells and will die and break down, so the odour will become stronger as the days pass and while the discharge from the uterine area and upper vaginal cavity continues to pass out. The method of douching with warm water will flush excess semen and vaginal fluids out following intercourse, but the semen that is deposited high up in the vagina, will pass through the cervix and into the uterus, as expected, and it is this semen that gradually passes out of the body as a discharge, collecting vaginal fluids( that are secreted daily) along the way. Note also, that any bacterium, introduced via penile penetration or oral sex prior to full intercourse, will also trigger a response from the immune system and this will result in a more unpleasant odour from the discharge. Thrush is not connected to intercourse, but can be present and irritated by intercourse. A good dollop of plain yoghurt, inserted into the vaginal cavity,will ease symptoms of thrush until a health professional can be seen. It is therefore important, to maintain cleanliness wherever possible to reduce the discharge, possibility of infection or at least lessen the odour.

What is the difference between a whitehead and a blackhead?

White heads have infection and have been irritated, black heads have dirt clogging the pore but no infection or irritation

Do yeast infections hurt?

yes,it itches, burns, is irritated, burns when you pee, hurts when you walk. You have extreme pain if you have intercourse.

What should you do if you get your ears pierced but someone pulls it and it's infected?

Someone pulling it doesn't exactly lead to infection. It might just be irritated. If theres a greenish yellow discharge, then its probably infected. Other than that, its just irritated from the trauma. I cant see the piercing so I cant diagnose it so you should go see a piercer and have them check it out. Good luck :)

What does it mean when the white of a dogs eyes look red?

could be eye infection or something has irritated the eye .

Can a man penis get irritated from a yeast infection?

yes, a man can contract a yeast infection from a woman. it's not common, but it does sometimes happen. his symptoms will be similar (burning, itching).

What happens during rhinitis?

In rhinitis, the mucous membranes of the nose become infected or irritated, producing a discharge, congestion, and swelling of the tissues.

Could a female hurt herself if she madterbate?

Yes her vagina could get irritated and get a rash or even worse an infection.

What does it mean when your nipples hurt and itchy?

They could be growing, irritated or an infection. Try putting on some lotion or scratch them.

Does a girl vagina itch after sex for the first time?

It shouldn't unless she has a yeast infection or a STD or if the skin is irritated.

What is mucosa thickening in nasal cavity?

The mucosa is the lining of the sinuses (or the inside of your mouth) and it gets thickened when irritated by infection or allergies.

What should you do if you have a sore urethra which is visible without having to move the vaginal lips?

It depends on why it is sore. Is it from intercourse, or, does it have an actual sore there? If it is an actual sore, see your doctor. If it is from Intercourse, then, probably just a little irritated, but, if doesn't get better within a few days, see your doctor.

Are barbell belly button rings more prone to infection?

Because your clothes will rub up against it, it might be more prone to being irritated which could lead to infection if you don't take care if it properly.

How would you use irritated in a sentence?

Felicity's little sister irritated her. The sand irritated olive's sunburn. Heath did not know how to tell Chloe he was irritated. The irritated oyster produced a pearl.

What part of speech is irritated?

The word irritated is a verb. It is the past tense of the verb irritate. Irritated can also be used as an adjective (an irritated person).

What are the symptoms of a narrow urethera?

They can be hard to distinguish from an infection. The person has to void more often and it often burns or feels irritated. Occasionally there can be some blood.

If you went for a std screening in march and everything was fine and now your vagina is kinda swollen and irritated but haven't had intercourse what could it be?

go back to the doctor that area is nothing to mess around with

How does a yeast infection look?

They can look a bit different depending on the site of the infection, tissue involved, and the type of yeast causing the infection. Most of them start in a moist location like in the mouth, in the vagina, between toes, in the groin area, armpits, under pendulous breasts or between folds of skin, etc. At the earliest stages of yeast infection the skin will often look shiny and then look blanched, turning pink to red over the course of the infection. Most cause a raised red rash that itches and then can break open and weep and spread. The irritated skin can be very bright red especially if scratching is not controlled, such as with "jock itch". Vaginal yeast infections can cause a discharge that is yellowish or white. Yeast infections in the mouth can cause raised white spots (e.g., thrush). The common symptom of most all is an intense itching and/or burning sensation.Red and swollen usually.AnswerWell, the area has an odor. It gets whitish/yellow discharge and the area is irritated, can burn to the touch,if its exterior. Interior, discharge, smell, pain urinating, GO to the store there is medication where you find condoms and lubricants that you can buy OTC for yeast infection. If its really bad then go see a doc.Is it like a rash in appereance?cottage cheeseThe vulva (ie everything on the outside) is very red and there will be discharge that looks white and crumbly like ricotta cheese. Generally by that point it's very tender and smells odd.

Cramping while pregnant with brown discharge?

i had this when i was 17 weeks pregnant. My dr. said its bacterial vaginosis i also had bleeding due to my irritated cervix. contact your dr. asap.

Why has your candida gotten worse after a colon cleanse?

It is best to treat you infection with proper medication for candida. Colon cleanse may have just added/irritated it more.

How many people die from scabies?

You cannot die from scabies but you can be extremely irritated by the intense itching. You can also develop a slight infection that can be treated with prescription cream.

How do I treat irritated ears from an allergic reaction to certain earrings?

The best way to treat irritated ears from an allergic reaction to earrings is to remove the earrings immediately. If no signs of infection are spotted, keep the ears clean and avoid using metals that cause an allergic reaction in the future.