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Could you have had a miscarriage if you didn't even know you were pregnant?

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Yes, especially if you were very early along. An early miscarriage (up to 7 or 8 weeks) would come on and just feel and look like a period with cramps etc.

Somewhere around 25 - 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. And of those 40% are when the women did not even realize they were pregnant.

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Could you get pregnant on your last day of your period even if you have irregular periods?

Yes, You could get pregnant whether you have regular periods or not. But, If you have your period and you get pregnant it could lead to a miscarriage.

Could i have been pregnant and had a miscarriage if the last period i had was heavy and very painful the first two days but i never have cramps any other time i have a period?

Yes. Many women have a miscarriage before they even know they are pregnant. Some Dr. believe that about 25% of pregnancy end in a miscarriage.

After a miscarriage you miss your period what does that mean?

It's probably just that your body is getting back to normal after being pregnant, however after a pregnancy (even if the pregnancy didn't last) the chances of getting pregnant quickly afterwards are high, so if you have had sex since the miscarriage it is possible that you could be pregnant

If you have had a miscarriage should you tell the one that got you pregnant if he didnt even know you were pregnant in the first place?

I posted this question. And it sounds really bad. But I didnt even know I was pregnant. I had thoughts and knew there were possibilities and I was having symptoms but wasnt for sure. Then my friend (She had just had a baby) said that what I was going thru was prolly a miscarriage. I didnt even know if I was for sure or not. I wasnt going to tell the guy that got me in this that I was if I wasnt. It would have started too much drama. If I was then I was going to for sure tell him. But anyways ...... please help me with this question!! This is really a question only you can answer. My feeling is that if you are not even sure it was a miscarriage not to tell anyone. You have a good friend who you can talk to so you don't have to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. If you are convinced it WAS a miscarriage and he is a steady boyfriend you probably need to tell him as your worry about getting pregnant (again) is going to change your attitude to him. If he is not a steady boyfriend I would say don't tell him, more from what he might say to HIS friends and how far the 'story' might go than for any other reason. Hope this helps

Can birth control pills stop you from being pregnant even though your pregnant?

If you mean that could you miscarry by taking birth control pills now that you are pregnant, no, they will not cause a miscarriage, but they could make you just plain sick, which would not be good for you nor the baby

Could a pregnancy test be positive even if you are having a miscarriage?

yes. a pregnancy test detects specific hormones that are only present if you're pregnant. when you have a miscarriage, it takes a while for your body to realize you're not pregnant anymore, and then the hormones take time to disappear. at least a week.

Can you have a heavy period with blood clots and still have pregnancy symptoms could i still be pregnant or did i have a miscarriage?

You could have had a miscarriage, but even though you've suffered heavy bleeding with clots you could still be pregnant. It IS possible to be pregnant and still get your monthly period.Either way, if you haven't done already, you MUST get yourself checked by a doctor - 1) to find out if you are still pregnant, and 2) to check you are OK internally. If you have suffered a miscarriage you have to get checked out by a doctor in case everything hasn't come out yet. Sorry to be so graphic.Good luck

Can you get pregnant if you have cystitis?

It is better to get pregnant after you recover. If you are in the treatment, your body is in an unstable state, the baby will be affected, and which can even cause miscarriage.

How far along pregnant do you have to be for you to have a miscarriage?

You can miscarry before you even know your pregnant and just think it's a late period

Does smoking marijuana lower pregnancy for girls?

No, but if you are already pregnant it could definitely have some negative side effects on the baby - possibly even resulting in a miscarriage.

Could you be pregnant again if you had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago but you have been going to the bathroom every hour and have had slight cramps and headaches are very tired with some mood swings?

I had a miscarriage and 5 weeks later gotpregnant and have all the symptoms you are talking about and my doctor says all the symptoms are very normal even the cramps so yes you could be pregnant Have you had your first period since your miscarriage yet? I had a miscarriage and my doctor said I would continue having pregnancy symptoms (even though you've already miscarried) until you have your next cycle.

Could be pregnant if my period ended 8 days ago and I'm having breast tenderness and cramping?

yes, you could be pregnant. you should go to your local family planning to get checked out. they usually do not charge much if anything at all. its important not to ignore this, because you could have even been pregnant and had a miscarriage since you are cramping.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage without knowing it?

Yes, the majority of miscarriages happen before the woman even knows she is pregnant.

Can someone get pregnant right after they came of their period?

If you had your period, it isn't necessarily your period. You could be having a miscarriage. So even if you did have your period, it could possibly be having trouble caring for your baby and having him die. I'm sorry :/

You lied and said you started your period bt really you didnt and you got the depo shot you think im pregnant will it cause a miscarriage?

you need to see a doctor. its bad to take birth control when you're pregnant, it could harm the unborn baby or cause a miscarriage. please see a doctor even if you don't want the baby, it's important for you to be healthy too. if you have a miscarriage but it stays inside you it can be very bad, cause infections and make you seriously ill. you can still take a pregnancy test, the depo won't change the test result. I've been in the same situation, but lucky i was not pregnant. still went to the doctor to make sure.

Can rabbits have a miscarriage?

It could have been a couple of things. She could of had a false pregnancy. Rabbits will sometimes think they are pregnant. My rabbit did this once even though she has never been around a male. She could of absorbed her litter. When rabbits are under stress they will absorb their litters in to their body. Did you breed the rabbit on purpose? If you are then you should stop. You obviously don't know what you are doing since you don't even know if a rabbit can have a miscarriage.

What does the tissue of a miscarriage look like if it wasn't fully developed and you didn't even know you were pregnant?

Usually a miscarriage tissue is difficult to pull apart and can be a grey colour where veins are seen.

If you had a VERY heavy period and are now lightly spotting again and 4 months ago you had a 2nd trimester miscarriage is it possible to be pregnant even though you just had your period?

They say that you can have a very heavy period and that is a sign of early miscarriage. Most woman have a miscarriage early in the first 3 weeks and didnt even know they were pregnant. They just thank that they are having a very heavy period and then they experience spotting also. More then 50% of pregnancy dont make it past the first 4 weeks and most woman dont ever know that they were expecting. From everything that I have read its not common to bleed heavy if your pregnant. I would check with your doctor. If you feel that you may be pregnant he-she can do a blood test.

Is it possible to have a miscarriage when one week and 5 days pregnant?

Yes most miscarriages occur in the first trimester and many before the woman even knows she is pregnant.

Im having prolonged bleeding could that be signs of pregnancy its light red or burgundy with chunks could it be a miscarriage?

Prolonged Bleeding doesnt always mean you pregnant, stress can change patterens as well as having a unnormal period. If you think you pregnant n have a brownish discharge or heavey bleeding with clots i suggest seeing a doctor asap. It could mean a miscarriage an you may need medical attention, or even a prolong period may seen like a miscarriage. Either way seeing a doctor is the best way to go.

Can a doctor know if you have had a miscarriage in the past even though your pregnant now?

No there is no way to see that unless they see you have scarring to something if you needed a D&C after. Then they might ask but they can't tell if that is a miscarriage.

One faint positive test at the doctors office followed by six negatives and a negative blood test Still no period what could be wrong?

I am sorry but it could have been an early miscarriage. I also had one, and found out in nearly 50% of early pregnancies they end in miscarriage, and many times before the women even knows she is pregnant.

Can you have a miscarriage even though your tubes are tied?

Can you have a miscarriage even though your tubes are tied?

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