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Could you still be pregnant if you had a negative result from the pregnancy test but have soreness of the inside of your breast's mild cramping and mild soreness in the lower back?


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yes, you still could be pregnant, wait a week and try a HPT again. Good luck.

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Cramping during early pregnancy - yes. Tenderspots - yes. :-)

there are more than 3 signs of pregnancy. There's nausea, fatigue, late period, breast soreness, cramping, a metallic taste in the mouth etc

Many but not all women do have soreness or tenderness of the breast during pregnancy.

Yes. Not all women experience breast/nipple soreness or tenderness during pregnancy. Some women are 6 or 7 months pregnant before they find out that they are pregnant. So yes, it can happen.

Have you been checked out for the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy? It just amazes me how many doctors miss out on the diagnosis. If you have pains in your shoulder blades, I suggest you see your doctor pronto!

Im wondering im experiencing a phantom pregnancy, im almosts 2 months delayed and having a feeling of being pregnant because of this symptoms such cramping,soreness of breast,moods swing,often urination etc. but the test are negative. So many times i did the test but im tired and sick having negative result. It makes me confused what s really is this?

I believethat iit is possible. With all three of my pregnancies i experienced cramping,bloating and breast soreness. By my third I knew i was pregnant at 2 weeks. My Dr. said that with some women, these can be signs of early pregnancy.

Yes, they do initially but that soreness eases as the pregnancy progresses. Later in the pregnancy, they will increase in size, the areola will enlarge and sometimes darken in color.

Yes, for some women. i have breast soreness and tenderness , it keeps going on n off ..i think soreness along with darkening of areola is definitely a positive sign of pregnancy

Go for a pregnancy test!! If u're not pregnant, go to the Gynae, must be hormones problem

pain cramping, soreness (tenderness), not good feeling to lay on your stomache hungry, pressure on bladder,tightness,lower back ache, tummy nausea, butterflies

No this is not a sign of pregnancy. Typically the first sign of pregnancy will be a missed period.

Yes It Is.But it can happen for other reasons.

You should obviously have this checked by your doctor as "vaginal soreness" could be one of many things such as an infection or an STD.

The withdrawal method could very well get you pregnant. As for those symptoms, they don't sound like anything related to pregnancy. Those are symptoms of herpes. Sounds like that's just soreness from sex.

im not sure but i think i may be pregnant and if so i would be about 5 weeks and i have been having sore ribs and soreness on my hips :( and only 17 :(

sometimes, but it can also mean that you are getting your period. to be sure, i suggest that you go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I still didn't feel any soreness in my breasts.

It is unlikely that the lack of soreness is due to the implants, but even if that were the case, it is not cause for alarm. In fact, consider it a blessing. It could be that extra breast tissue and glandular tissue is not yet forming. Or it could be that you won't experience any soreness at all. Some women are lucky that way!

No the breast soreness this early will not be pregnancy related.

It usually a sign of irritation or a breast/nipple infection.

Yes this is perfectly normal hun. The white discharge may increase throughout your pregnancy and it is nothing to worry about unless you have itching, soreness, buring upon urination or a smelly discoloured discharge. If this happens then see your doctor.

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