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Africa is a continent.

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What countries are next to Africa?

Africa is a continent... there are no countries next to it, only other continets

Africa three largest countries?

The three largest countries on the continent of Africa are Sudan, Algeria, and the Congo. The next largest countries in Africa are Libya, Chad, and Niger.

List of world regions along with the countries in them?

There are eight regions in the world. The first is Asia, with 27 countries. The next is the Middle East, North Africa, and Greater Arabia, with 23 countries. The next is Europe, with 48 countries. The next is North America, with 3 countries. The next is Central America and the Caribbean, with 20 countries. The next is South America, with 12 countries. The last is Sub Saharan Africa, with 48 countries.

Are there countries in Africa?

Yes,Africa has 54 countries!

How many countries do you have in Africa?

54 countries in Africa.

What is the number of countries in Africa?

There are 52 countries in Africa.

How many countries including island countries are there in Africa?

There are 53 countries in Africa.

Which continent is divided into the most countries?

Africa, with 54 countries.

How many Muslim countries are in Africa?

23 countries are there in Africa..!!

Are there 47 countries in Africa?

No, there are 52 independent countries in Africa.

How many countries are in South Africa?

South Africa has no countries

Does Africa have 52 countries?

Sorry, but Africa has 57 countries

What are the countries in northern africa?

list the countries in south africa

Did South Africa win against Mexico this year?

No. Both countries tied 1-1, and Mexico progressed to the next round, while South Africa did not.

How do you enter for the next bigbrother Africa?

when is the next bigbrother Africa

Name three countries found in Africa?

There are 3 countries in Africa. Egypt, Kenya and Ghana are the 3 major countries in Africa.

Which countries in Africa are not a landlocked?

south africa; basically all countries that have a beach; that are on the egde of africa

What are the 100 richest countries in Africa?

There are less then 100 countries in Africa.

How many countries including Africa are there?

54 countries includin africa

How many independent countries are in Africa?

There are 54 independent countries in Africa.

How many countries are there in Africa now?

I think that there are 54 countries in Africa.

Does Africa have countries?

Yes. Africa is a continent with over 50 countries in it.

How many countries are a part of the continent africa?

Africa has 55 countries.

How many countries does Africa have right now?

There are 54 countries in Africa.

Who has more countries Africa or Asia?

Asia has more countries