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THey were made by crescent firearm company.


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Wautauga was made by Crescent Firearms. It was a trade name. Crescent waas in business from @1893 to 1932

You won't find history of any particular Crescent double barrel model. They basically made one or two models and marked them with whatever name the retailer wanted. Well over 100 different trade names have been found on Crescents. The company was formed in Norwich, Ct, in 1892 and bought by H&D Folsom Sporting Goods the following year. Around 1926 Crescent was sold to Stevens (which was already owned by Savage) then merged with NR Davis (which they also purchased) to form Crescent-Davis Arms. The Crescent name disappeared completely about 1932.

Sold by Sears Roebuck around 1900. Probably manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, Ct.

Around 1892 Crescent firearms manufactured shotguns under a variety of names. In 1930 H & D Folsom Arms sold their Crescent Fire Arms company to Savage Arms and Savage combined Crescent with Davis Warner Arms Corp., as Crescent-Davis Arms Corporation. Your shotguns value, in good condition, is about $150.

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Basically, you can't. AFAIK, no definitive history has been written on Crescent. They built utilitarin firearms, that weren't that expensive to begin with. If you had one NIB, it might be worth 150 USD.

Vulcan was a trade name used by the Edward K. Tryon Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These guns were manufactured by Crescent Firearms c. 1893-1930.

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Yes. It was one of the Brand names that is under the Cresent Umbella. has a list of name under which crescent shotguns were sold.

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Crescent was literally the generic "hardware gun" made under many different names for many different compaines. I got the following from Gun "Crescent Firearms Co. was started in 1888 by George W. Cilley when he bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co. of Norwich, Connecticut. Cilley formed a partnership with Frank Foster and Crescent was born. Both men held firearms patents, and both were qualified to design and manufacture firearms. They began making a tip-up single with external side hammers, and began making SxS's in 1891. Crescent was best known for producing "house brand" shotguns. These were made for and sold by a variety of hardware companies, mail order stores, retailers and distributors. Nearly 100 names are known or thought to have been used on shotguns produced by Crescent. In 1929 N. R. Davis Firearms Co. merged with Crescent to become Davis-Crescent Arms Co. H & D Folsom was a New York importer and distributor of firearms from about 1890 to 1930, at which time they merged with the Davis-Crescent Arms Co. In 1931 the depression forced the sale of Davis-Crescent to the Stevens Arms Co., which assembled the remaining parts and sold them under the Stevens name. (Another version of the history has Crescent sold to Universal Tackle and Sporting Goods Co. in 1954) It is not known whether Crescent produced any high grade shotguns, but certainly the house brand shotguns were utilitarian and unadorned. Most sold in the range of $10-$12. Today, only a handful of models, such as the New Empire and the Crescent Certified have collector value. The vast majority are sold as shooters or wall hangers for modest prices, usually under $250."

Yes, it is made by Crescent F A I have 2 of them and love them both, Parts are interchangeable with some other models, i.e. Peerless, Knickerbocker. There is a wealth of information by Nick Niles in the Gun Digest book of Guns and Prices 2005 Edition, ISBN #0-89689-324-3 and library of congress # 2005906853 Models, prices, and history. Also acomplete listofALLthe names associated with Crescent F.A. Co

HOWARD ARMS CO. was a tradename on shotguns used by the hardware store Fred Bifflar & Company of Chicago, Illinois. They were made by Crescent Fire Arms Company which was purchased by Stevens which was purchased by Savage Arms.

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Go online, and type in"Winchester Firearms". You should find the official website.

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in history it was known as the fertile crescent

Berkshire shotguns were manufactured by Meriden Firearms Co, Andrew Fyrberg Mfg Co, and Crescent Fire Arms for Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis and Sears Roebuck.

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History and good reputation.

Check Blue Book of Gun Values

You will have to be more specific... there are a lot of firearms companies and manufacturers called "Keystone". Got a city/state where they operated? Anything?

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