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Vulcan was a trade name used by the Edward K. Tryon Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These guns were manufactured by Crescent Firearms c. 1893-1930.

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Q: What is the history of Vulcan double barrel shotguns?
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What is a vulcan arms double barrel shotgun worth?

@ 100 USD

Do double barrel shotguns shoot both shells at once?

With double triggers YES

Who manufactured the Spanish double barrel shotguns sold by Sears?


When did Baltimore arms make double barrel shotguns?

From 1895 to 1902

What double barrel shotguns were used in the Civil War?

An springfeild 1858

When did Ithaca stamp the barrel of double barrel shotguns with smokeless powder?

i dont know maybe cause your gay

When were Newport 12 gauge double barrel shotguns made?

1880s to 1940s

Is the double barrel shot gun an American gun?

Double barreled shotguns are manufactured in several countries.

How old is your double barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with markings it was made by Jas Parker Sons?

I have two 1878 Jas Parker & Sons double barrel shotguns.

Looking for 8 gauge double barrel shotguns?

ya ain't gunna get one

What year were acme double barrel shotguns made?

Turn of the century + a few decades.

What years did W Greener manufacture double barrel damascus shotguns?

1829 to 1869

What are some brands of double barrel shotguns?

Some brands of the double barrel shot guns includes, Stoeger, Remington and Winchester. The price for the double barrel shot gun can range from over $1000, depending on the collection.

What is value of vulcan 12 gauge double barrel with rabbit ears?

50-125 or so.

What years did George Worthington make shotguns?

George Worthington was a hardware store in Cleveland, Ohio, from about 1890 to 1935. Single barrel shotguns were marked with his name by Crescent Arms Co and double barrel shotguns by J. Stevens Arms Co.

When was Joseph bourne and son double barrel 12 gauge hammer shotguns made?


Who invented double barrel shotgun?

A Frenchman named Henri Double. His last name was pronounced 'Dooblay', so to be accurate you should always refer to double barrel shotguns as dooblay barreled guns.

What is the value of a lever 20 gauge double barrel numbers 69446?

Not clear on the question. There are no lever action double-barrel shotguns. There was a 'LeFever' in a few different variations, is that what you have?

Where can you find info about Rodgers Arms co double barrel shotguns?

Library, internet, gun shows.

Where was the double barrel shotgun made?

Many manufacturers manufacture double barrel shotguns in either a side by side (SxS) or Over/Under configuration. double barrel was made on July 1 1875 in England. by westley Richards co. it is a hammerless 12 guage

What are facts about Western Field double barrel shotguns?

That would be a Stevens/Savage 315 with a Montgomery Ward name.

Where can you find information about Stevens shotguns?

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

What is the value of a Stevens 16 gauge Model A double barrel shotgun?

There was no 'Model A.' In any event, Stevens double-barrel 16ga shotguns in typical condition sell for $200-$250.

What is the value of a Forehand double barrel?

Chances are that your forehand double barrel was made by Crescent Firearms Co.These shotguns will bring between 50-150 dollars depending on condition,and a good set of bores.

How old is a double barrel Stevens twelve gauge model 335?

You have one of only 2,000 model 335 savage shotguns made.These shotguns were made from 1926-1935.