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Grapes, pineapples, apples, bannas, and Oranges

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Q: Crops grown in Connecticut in 1700?
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What are the crops grown in Connecticut?


What was grown in Connecticut?

Tobacco was grown in Connecticut. Everyone had it, not knowing it could cost their lives. There were also lots of crops.

What crops were grown in the 1700's?

Rice, Hemp, Indigo and Tobacco.

What kind of crops grown in Connecticut?

corn known as maize

Are the crops grown in Connecticut big enough to ship to other states?


What kind of crops were grown in Georgia in the 1700's?

cotton tabacco peanuts veggies ect.

What foods where grown and eaten in colonial Connecticut?

Corn, pumpkin, squash, and beans were some of the crops grown and eaten in Colonial Connecticut. They also ate a variety of seafood and turkey meat.

What were the georgaphic of Connecticut in 1700's?

what is the georographic of Connecticut in 1700's

What was the average temperature in Connecticut in the 1700's?

What was the average temperature in Connecticut in the 1700's?

What crops grew in the South Carolina colony in the 1600 to 1700?

rice, indigo and tobacco were grown there because the soil was rich and fertile

What crops are grown in chena cultivation?

There are several types of crops that are grown in the Chena cultivation. Some of the crops that are grown are vegetables, grains, legumes, and oil crops.

What crops are grown in the great lakes?

No crops are grown in lakes, Great Lakes or otherwise. Lots of crops are grown near lakes, however.