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If you had intercourse every day for two weeks leading up to ovulation including the day of ovulation and you normally have a 28-day cycle could you have gotten pregnant during this cycle?

Answer . Yes. Women are typically most fertile 10-20 days after their period. You had sex on the 16-20th days of your cycle, therefore putting you in the fertility zone.. Answer . It actually depends on the individual. The body and if you on the "pill". Everyone is different. Normally a perso ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you started spotting in the middle of the third week of your cycle and you had unprotected sex in the second week and didn't change your patch on the day you were supposed to?

Answer . \nI had unprotected sex three times in a row and didn't change the patch when I was supposed to and also had unprotected sex after I was supposed to change the patch and didn't get pregnant. I was on it for 3 months at that time. The spotting will turn into you period, at least mine di ( Full Answer )

Can sex change the menstrual cycle?

Sexual activity does seem to affect the menstrual cycle, probably due to hormones released during lovemaking.. It may also be due to underlying factors - unconscious or conscious anxiety about pregnancy, change in status, trust issues, and the impact of sex and the changes it causes in our intimate ( Full Answer )

Will your stools change after taking Dannon Activia yogurt for the recommended two weeks?

Answer . Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried it for two weeks and now I regret it. It's one thing to be 'once a day ' regular, but this is ridiculous. My stools (pardon my language) are loose, accelerated, explosive and frequent, 5-8 times daily).. I wish i had an antidote for this yogurt because my life i ( Full Answer )

If you are on the 3rd week of your cycle can you start the birth control patch and wear it for two more weeks to delay starting your period?

Answer . It's safe to delay your period occasionally this way, but you should continue wearing the patch for the amount of time you normally would. In other words, if you usually wear it three weeks and then leave it off a week, this time you should wear it for the first three weeks, then immedi ( Full Answer )

Is it normal to have a menstrual cycle that lasts for two weeks straight?

If it happens once, it's normal. If it happens 4 months in a row, see a doctor. You may need birth control to reset your hormone levels or a D and C to clean out the inner lining. If it's after child birth, it could be related to a firbroid and there are non surgical treatments now (but You need 4 h ( Full Answer )

How do you stop your cycle for a week or more?

Your menstrual cycle can be held off for short periods of time with birth control pills. However, please do not attempt this on your own without talking to your doctor first. If youre planning on going on vacation or getting married, or having some other large life event, and would like to delay ( Full Answer )

When should you start the birth control pill if you have spotting two weeks after your period and your GYN told you to start with your next cycle?

Standard practice at this time is to start the birth control pill at any time in your cycle, and use a back up method for the first seven days. If your gynecologist recommended some other plan, there must be a reason specific to your situation, and you should contact your doctor to clarify his/her a ( Full Answer )

If you have unprotected sex two weeks into your cycle what are the chances of being pregnant?

\nWhen a woman is trying to get pregnant, two weeks into her cycle is the best way to do it. This means that your chances of being pregnant are pretty strong, depending on how fertile you and your partner are.\n. \nThe only way to tell at this point is to wait until your next period is due and take ( Full Answer )

Could you change your nose stud after only having it pierced two weeks ago?

Yes. After two weeks you can consider changing the jewellery, however don't go putting cheap garbage in the new piercing. If you want something new buy it from a body piercing studio, not some stand in the mall selling "body jewellery". Most of the mall vendors are selling garbage and don't care if ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant a week after my menstrual cycle was over?

Certainly! This is a common time for your fertile days!. Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse . Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation . For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

Begin with an igneous rock and explain how it can change through two more steps in the rock cycle?

an igneous rock can make other igneous ______________________________________________ that first answer above was absolute rubbish,,, I'm like a science bof so here's how it works Step 1. - Igneous rock gets pushed up to the surface via magma from volcano's - Igneous rock cools, hardens, weathere ( Full Answer )

How far is it reasonable to cycle in a week?

There's really no telling, it's too dependent on your fitness and your level of dedication. I think I'm doing OK when I manage to get 60 miles/100 km in over a week in winter, and if I get 150 miles/250 km in summer I'm as proud as anything. Still, I have several friends who think that these numbers ( Full Answer )

What could be the cause of being three weeks late on a period if you have had two negative pregnancy tests and have no changes in lifestyle or stress and will it still come late or at next cycle?

being this late is NOT normal, make an appointment with your gynaecologist I have an appointment with my gynaecologist in mid-Dec- she is booked solid until then. I started a new pill two months ago, but at first it made my periods more frequent. Could this be why I'm missing? -(Wrd4Cst) Go to y ( Full Answer )

Why is my Menstrual cycle is lasting for weeks?

there are quite a few possible reason why this could be occurring. Follow the related link( Prolonged and Heavy Perimenopausal Bleeding ) below for more information.

What were two events in the first week of July 1863 that changed the course of the civil war?

In the Mississippi Valley, the surrender of Vicksburg, the last major Confederate stronghold on the river, ending the war in the West. Far away in Pennsylvania, the defeat of Robert E. Lee, and the end of his attempts to invade the North and threaten Washington D.C. It was a triumphant double evem ( Full Answer )

Can you have two periods in two weeks?

I'm having it, so yes, it's possible. Is it healthy? Doesn't sound healthy and the calender on my iPod won't let me enter it again so I'm assuming it isn't normal.

Why does your period cycle change?

probably as a result of using E.pills in most cases but I advice 4 a talk with a Gnaecologist 4 clarity.

Can pregnancy happen in first week of cycle?

Pregnancy actually occurs when a developing embryo implants into the uterus some 5 to 8 days after conception. Pregnancy can be the end result of unprotected sex during the first week of your cycle two ways - (1) if you ovulate early in your cycle - you can certainly get pregnant. While most women ( Full Answer )

How rocks change in rock cycle?

Rocks change in the rock cycle by intense heat, pressure, or erosion. Rocks become either igneous or metamorphic through heat/pressure, and sedimentary rocks are formed when rocks erode and compress together to form a new rock.

How do people change the water cycle?

there is absolutely no way to change the water cycle but there is a way to stop it get rid of all free and unshaded water the only way to stop it

Can you change your earring two weeks after piercing?

It is best to wait until the scar tissue Tube thickens enough so that it is not damaged by being Torn due to a poorly made piece of cheap jewelery, which often has a sharp bur on the end of the hook that does the damage. The test is to drag the item across your bottom lip as it is sensitive enough t ( Full Answer )

Can you change your eyebrow ring after only two weeks?

This will depend on many things. If you have been keeping it clean and following the instructions that the person who pierced it gave you, it should be healing nicely. If it is no longer sore or red, you can probably change it after only two weeks (unless the piercer said otherwise, in which case yo ( Full Answer )

Was the weekly cycle ever changed?

It is possible for a weekly cycle to change because it is not constant. A weekly cycle is often changed by a member of management and is often done to better the business.

Can you predict changes in the lunar cycle?

No. The lunar cycle is a 29.5 day cycle that can't easily be physically changed. Perhaps the question means: can we predict the Moon's phases? In that case the answer is "yes".

Can the water cycle ever change?

Not unless our atmosphere changes (like an ice age). The water cycle then will still have the same steps but just not in the same amounts.