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Dares for girls?

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Go out on your porch and sing the "I'm a Little Teapot" song.

Go to the kitchen and eat something that is not meant to be eaten alone (like chili powder, pepper, etc).

Go outside and shout "I love you" to any person who passes by.

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What are good dirty dares for girls and boys?

good dirty dares for girls

What are some sleepover dares for preteen girls?


Dares for a girls and boys sleepover?

you can play spin the bottle

Dirty dares for girls?

get a girl to kiss the girl with the type of colour hair them ( all girls ))

What do girls like to talk about with boys?

Gossip on weekly events and dares

Dares for 2 girls?

have the girls kiss and strip to nothing then hump each other for ten minets

What are some good snow dares for teenage girls?

Make a yellow snowcone

List of dares?

You will have to give more info. Guys involved? just girls? ______________________________ 1 guy and 1 girl. please give at least 10 dares

Any good dares for girls?

kiss some bodyu don t like

What are dirty dares for two girls?

lick food off of their *****, hump each other

Dares for 12 year old girls?

To eat a worm Scream at the top of your voices Kiss the floor

Good Dares For girls?

Dare to be better, stronger, smarter. Or dare the darer to not dare to dare them again. So dere.

What are some good dares for teenage girls at a sleep over?

if your all girls who know each other do a strip tease but leave your panties on that would be too intences. :P

What are some dirty dares for girls?

walk up to a boy and sayHi sugar, did u have fun last night with me and the girls? (give him air kiss and shake ur booty!)

What are some dares for teen boys?

You could chat up some girls or if you are under 16 you could go into a bar and get drunk!

I am turning 13 and im having boys and girls come over what are some good dares?

go to and get the dare forums

Dares to do at home?

He dares to do at home that which he does not dare to do in public. Privacy has its uses.

When was Daisy Dares You born?

Daisy Dares You was born in 1993-11.

What dares can you do with only 2 girls and 2 boys at a private sleepover?

OK, you shouldn't have boys and girls at a sleepover. But if you must, then, you can like dare the boy or girl to one of their weaknesses, and have a consequence like hugging a person they really hate randomly. ^ those some sh!tty dares, SEXUAL DARES MY FRIEND. Grabbing the places where the sun dont shine and boobs and stuff. Thats where its at, and spin the bottle or seven minutes in heaven are other good ones.

What are really good dares for two 12 year old girls?

I think a good game would be the less dramatic dares that you find on line. I know this is a hard age to find good games. :) Phone your crush you love him T P your neighboors

What are good dares for 13 year old girls?

to kiss a boy run around naked play spin the bottle tepe your school

What are some good dares for a girls birthday party?

Birthday wedgies!! Ask out your crush Kiss the person you've known the longest on the lips

Latin for 'he who dares conquers'?

Qui audet adipiscitur = Who dares, wins.

What is the duration of Who Dares Wins film?

The duration of Who Dares Wins - film - is 2.08 hours.

What are some sleepover dares for girls?

here are some my favorites. eat a oopsicle out of your friends belly button. make a sundae on your friends stomach then eat it.