Updated: 9/27/2023
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Data science increased its importance in a very few years as scientists recognized its importance and introduced a completely different technological world without which we cannot live. Information has gone to the top priority in every industry we work in. There is a need for people to understand data and work with the data. Data science is not just one topic on the whole as a single unit. It consists of many diverse topics under it which we need to understand and study in order to completely know how data works. Some of those technologies of data science are: · Artificial Intelligence. · Big data analytics. · Machine learning. · Block chain. · Statistics. · internet of Things. · Linear Algebra. · Cloud computing. · Data analytics. · Data mining. As you can see there are so many terminologies under data science and it is not a simple concept. There is so much to know about it and Information Technology is focusing on educating students and all the other people who wish to seek knowledge and grow with it. There are wide openings of job opportunities as a data scientist which basically deal with statistics and many other job prospects. You can even have a business of your own when you know data science. It paves a way to different and a vast route to nurturing your career to a new and better one. Let us now discuss some of the inventions that have occurred as an application of data science.

  1. Artificial intelligence apps: AI is a vast field comprising of machines that are able to move in like a human in the world by helping us in doing certain tasks that are difficult to do manually. Let me give you the simplest example that we all have today- the calculator. Ever wondered why calculators were used? Yes. To perform complex calculations and obtain answers within seconds. That is why we use the concept of artificial intelligence. It reduces human effort. Example, the most recent robot, Sophia, the human robot.
  2. Edge computing: this technology was introduced to minimize the bandwidth and connectivity related problems. It is not only used for networking but also incompatible to work with AI, IoT and so on.
  3. Block chain inventions: it is considered to be one of the greatest inventions to the world. The most famous and trending technology that was introduced under block chain is bitcoin. It is also used for the digital identification process. This is mainly used in security applications that constraint the particular user by using yet another most widely known concept under the category of networking- cryptography.
  4. Introduction to cloud: as we all know, data is increasing day by day at higher rates and it has to be managed. Databases earlier used, were not sufficient to store such millions of data which is why cloud was introduced. It is same as a database but the storage capacity is petabytes and beyond. There is no limit to storage here. Hence the cloud became worldwide for storage of different kinds of data.
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