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Date of manufacture for cold army special serial number 303040?

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You can find out at

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what is the manufacture date of a .38 police positive special serial number b 81

Impossible to answer without the serial number. You will have to call S&W

Colt official police with that serial number was produced in 1927

Colt police positive special with that serial number was made in late 1922.

A Colt official police with that serial number was made in 1948.

The letter J in the serial number would designate a 1952 date of manufacture.

Go to and look up by model & serial number.

Colt Detective Special serial numbers do not end in two letters. If you are positive the last two are "RD", you need to call Colt.

You will need to include the serial number to get the correct year of manufacture.

The Lefever Nitro Special was made by Ithaca. Yours was made in 1923.

No serial number = no way to answer.

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