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sila ang mga unang ninuno natin dito sa pilipinas.

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Q: Datu timawa maharlika and alipin in the Philippines?
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What is pre-colonial government system?

1.datu 2.timawa/maharlika 3.aliping namamahay 4.aliping saguiguilid

Who were the ten bornean datus?

Datu Puti (the leader), Datu Bangkaya, Datu Dumalugdog, Datu Sumakwel, Datu Lubay, Datu Paiburong, Datu Dumangsil, Datu Balensusa, Datu Paduhinog and Datu Dumangsol

Who is the 10 Datu?

datu puti datu sablay datu bangkaya

What is the legend of the 10 Bornean datus?

The legend says that in the 13th century, 10 datus or chieftains from Borneo left their land together with their families and friends to escape the cruelty and injustice of Sultan Makatunaw, the ruler of Borneo. The ten datus were: Datu Puti (the leader), Datu Bangkaya, Datu Dumalugdog, Datu Sumakwel, Datu Lubay, Datu Paiburong, Datu Dumangsil, Datu Balensusa, Datu Paduhinog and Datu Dumangsol. They sailed on their balangays (vintas or boats) without knowing where to go. Finally they reached Panay Island. They bought the island from the chieftain of the Atis or Aetas who were then occupying the island. The chieftain's name was Marikudo and his wife was Maniwantiwan. Three of the datus decided not to settle in Panay but to sail northward. The three were: Datu Puti, Datu Balensusa and Datu Dumangsil. They settled in some parts of Luzon. When Sultan Makatunaw was no longer in power, Datu Puti returned to Borneo. The seven datus who stayed in Panay divided the island into three areas: Hamtik (now Antique), Irong-Irong (now Iloilo), and Aklan (now Aklan and Capiz). Hamtik was under Datu Sumakwel, Irong-Irong was under Datu Paiburong, and Aklan was under Datu Balangkaya.

Where and how did Ferdinand Magellan die?

In the Philippines, specifically in Mactan Island, Cebu Province, Philippines. Mactan Island is now called Lapu-Lapu City, after the native who killed Ferdinand Magellan. Magellan was killed during a war with "Datu Lapulapu." The battle between Datu Lapulapu and Ferdinand Magellan is known as the Battle of Mactan.

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Mga pangunahing kagamitan sa antas ng lipunan?

mahrlika, timawa at alipin ;0 STUDY ALWAYS THESE LESSSONSSSq@

What is pre-colonial government system?

1.datu 2.timawa/maharlika 3.aliping namamahay 4.aliping saguiguilid

The social classes in the prehistory of the Philippines?

In the Philippines there are 4 social classes The richest are called the "Maharlika" The Maharlika is consisted of the Datu ( Leader ) and his families, Umalahokan, Gat and Lakan, they are in charge of Trade, Lawmaking, Implementing of the Laws, Warfare, Rituals and Religion. The Middle class is the "Timawa" The Timawa are (Freed Slaves) they are in charge of the Agriculture, Livestock, Boat making, Carpentry, Fishing and Hunting. They have freemen, and can be married The Poor class is the "Aliping Namamahay" They are slaves but they are allowed to buy their freedom or if their masters free them. When they buy their freedom they will be called a "Timawa" The Poorest class is the "Aliping Sangigilid" Unlike the "Aliping Namamahay" they have ZERO rights, cannot have property, and cannot be married They can be traded or sold by their masters. They can be a "Alipin" if they have done a crime, They had Alipin Blood inherited from their parents if they are Alipins or They are buried by Debts Sources: That's our lesson this year xD

What is the meaning of datu?

a datu is a leader or a maharlika

What was the political system in the Philippines during the pre-colonial period?

baranganic sytem or the balangay. led by the datu. composed of the council of elders, timawa

What are the duties and responsibilities of maharlika?

Helpe the datu to builda house,they also rendered military services to the datu,row the boat for the datu as comrade-in-arms

Ano ang tatlong antas ng pagiging sa Katipunan?

ano ang kahulungan ng asignaturang pilipino

What is the meaning of the Filipino word timawa?

Timawa is the second highest group of people in the barangay. Rajah or datu being the first. Timawa people have certain rights: 1. They don't need to pay taxes (tributo) to datus. 2. They can use the agricultural areas for their good. 3. They can serve the datus that they wished to serve.

Who is the first sultan in the Philippines?

datu makatunaw the first sultan in the philippines .

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng timawa?

ang mga timawa ay ang mga malayang tao sa pamahalaan noon ng mga pilipino at mayroong 3 antas ng tao noon ito ay ang datu o maharlika na siyang pinuno at may pinakamataas na antas ang mga timawa o ang mga malalayang tao tulad ng mga kawal at ang aliping may dalawang uri: ang aliping namamahay o ang aliping may sariling pag mamayri at ang aliping saguiguilid na pwedeng ipagbili ng kanilang pinuno dahil sila ay maaaring mga bihag lang na mula sa mga kalaban ng mga datu

Anu ano ang antas na katayuan sa lipunan ng unang Filipino?

Maharlika-pinakamatas sa lahat ng katayuan sa buhay ng unang pilipino Timawa o Malaya-tinatawag din itong middle class,maari silang mag may ari ng lupa Alipin-ito ay nahahati sa dalawa ang aliping namamahay at sagigilid Aliping Namamahay:sila ay pag mamayari ng mga maharlika o timawa maaari lang siyang mag-asawa,mag may ari ng lupa kung binigyan ng pahintulot siya ng kanyang panginoon o master Aliping Sagigilid:sila ay pag-mamayari ang datu,raja o sultan hindi sila pwedeng mag may ari ng lupa o mag asawa.

Did the early Filipinos have a government of their own before the Spaniards came?

yeah,definitely. That's why we have datus mentioned in Philippine History. Try to look for these keywords and you'll have at least an idea about Philippine government prior to the coming of the spaniards. Umalohokan (town-crier), datu/raha/rajah, alipin saguiguilid, alipin namamahay, babaylan...