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Death knight armor?

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Death Knight don't wear "DK Armor", they can wear anything from cloth to plate. In a DK's first 4-6 levels you can get armor and weapons that no one else can get because they are rewards for DK only quests. If the other plate wearing classes could get it, they also could wear the armor.

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Where do you get the death knight armor in dragonfable?

you get the death knight armor from Artix in necropolis you firt have to get the palidin armor and necromancer then you can get the death knight armor(necromancer and death knight in other classes)

How do you unlock deathknight armor in dragonfable?

Death Knight armor is unlockable from Artix in Doomwood/Necropolis, after you complete the quest chain. You will need to have unlocked Paladin and Necromancer first, the Death Knight armor is trained in the same way.

Where is the doom knight armor in dragonfable?

First you need to become a Paladin and a Necromancer. Train both fully and then visit Artix. Click on other classes and then click on Death Knight. This will bring you to Sir Malifact's tomb. You can purchase and train the Death Knight armor from there.

What did a knight wear on his chest?

Armor. A knight in shining ARMOR.

What is a knight in shining armor referring to?

A knight in shining armor is refering to the medieval ages when knights armor was cleaned and polished. When a knight would return from a battle or conquest, he could of been said to being a knight in shining armor.

How would you make a sentence using the word knight?

Knight:The knight met a beautiful girl who was a princess.He was her knight in shining armor.The knight wore an armor made of metal.This armor protected the knight when in battle.The princess and the knight lived happily ever after.

How do you make hero in alchemy?

dragon + knight knight= armor+human armor=metal+tool

How do you get drakath armor in aqworlds?

yes the doom knight armor

What is the meaning of the idiom 'knight in shining armor'?

A knight in shining armor is a hero who rescues you in a romantic way.

What is the best armor in zombie knight the game?

dragon armor from ashmarsh

How do you get lichs armor?

You cannot get the Lich King's armor. However, if you wish to get armor that looks similar, there is level 80 plate in Naxxramas that resembles Death Knight armor. Similarly, the pieces of Deathbone plate armor that drop in Scholomance (level 58-60) also have a similar style.

Who waited on a knight to help him put on armor?

The knight was assisted by his squire.

Where can you get doom knight armor?

where do u get the doom knight armour for aqworlds?

Who made knight armor?


What is the homophone of a soldier who wore armor and the opposite of day?

knight, night

What is the homophone for knight?

knight = soldier dressed in armornight = opposite of day

How do you get the doom knight armor?

There is nothing like that.

Was being a knight in shining armor easy?


When do baseball players where armor?

at the knight games.

What armor is placed on knight shoulders?


How do you get the black knight armor in AQWorlds?

1.First you have to do quest to get the black knight's orb and then you are able to get into the shop. 2. The black knight armor is is AC.

What wears a shining armor and the word has to be with a silent k?

The answer is "knight". The question refers to a common expression, used in sentences such as this: "You're my knight in shining armor!"

Whose duties were to care for the horse and armor of a knight?

squire , page, knight , vassal

How do you save your doom knight armor in dragonfable?

You have to get either the armor closet or the orb of savings for your house.

What is the best kit for a level 80 death knight on World of Warcraft?

The best armor kit or leg armor kit? This depends on if you are tanking or dpsing. The jormungar leg armor is the tanking one and the icescale leg armor is the dps one. Enchanting the other pieces of armor would be better for dpsing as the armor kits dont add strength or other stats.