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Here Energy signals are limited but power signals can exist to infinite distance. Non periodic signals are energy signals while power signals are periodic.

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Is ramp signal is energy or power signal?

no,ramp signal is neither energy nor power signal... because ramp signal is infinit energy and power

How you can determine whether signal is power signal or energy signal?

A signal x(t) is called an energy signal , if the energy is finite and the power is zero.A signal x(t) is called an power signal , if the power is finite and the energy is infinite.

What is power signal and what is energy signal?

Those signals which have finite energy and zero power known as energy signal..Those signals which have infinite energy and finite power known as power signal..

Can a power signal be an energy signal?

a signal can never be both energy & power signal because they are mutually exclusive

Is ramp signal energy or power signal?

Ramp is neither energy nor power signal because it has infinite energy as well as infinite power!

Unit step signal is energy or power signal?

The unit step signal is a Power signal. Since when we find the power it comes to 1/2 (i.e finite value). And when we find its energy, we got INFINITY. If a signal has energy as infinity and power as a finite non-zero value, then it is a power signal, not an energy signal.

Is exponential signal an energy signal or power signal?

If the signal is not bounded by a step function, then an exponential signal is neither a power nor an energy signal. So the answer is neither.

Is sinc signal an energy signal?

No because it has finite power therefore infinite energy => not an energy signal

Is ramp function is energy signal or power signal? is neither energy nor power signal . Rampis neither energy nor power signalbecause it has infinite energy as well as infinite power.....saket kumar (electronics & communication engineer),BMSCE MUKTSAR (PUNJAB).

Why any signal with finite energy will have zero power?

in energy signal power iz zero according to this equation P=E/2T

Is impulse function is an energy signal or a power signal or both Explain?

it can not be both!

Is unit impulse an energy signal or power signal?

checking if it is an energy signal E= integration from 0 to infinity of t gives infinity so it is not an energy signal P=limit ( t tending to infinity)*(1/t)*(integration from 0 to t/2 of t) gives us infinity so it is not an energy or a power signal

How the energy and power of the random signal can be calculated?

i dont no

Where does the energy come from to amplify the signal in a amplifier?

The energy comes from an additional power source, like a battery. Via various resistors and capacitors, the energy from the power source is put into the circuit. The signal that enters the ciruit will exit the circuit with a higher energy; the signal has been amplified.

How do you define a low power firearm?

Ft Lbs of energy

Why do you use energy signal in real life although power of the energy signal is zero?

see p=E/t whr E is energy of a sig and t is time, if p iz zero it means t=0 and energy iz infinite means we can use max energy of a signal to travel it long distance,,,,,and it is possible only when power iz zero........

Define Nuclear power?

The energy released by a nuclear reaction, especially by fission or fusion.

Is sinusoidal signal be an energy signal?

they have an infinite energy

How to find whether unit step signal is power signal or energy signal?

usuall, all time limited, non periodic signals are energy signals and all periodic signals are power signals... but there could be some exceptions... it is a power signal....... This can be found out as below: integrating square of 1 from 0 to T/2 will give -----> T/2 {as unit step exist frm 0 to inf} Then, acc to the expression of power it will be divided by T This will give: 1/2 as power..

How can you define batteries?

A container consisting in one or more cells, in which chemical energy is converted to electrical power and is used as a source of power.

Define a digital signal encoding?

A process of encoding a digital signal into scaled bit stream, comprising and quantifying the digital signal.

Could you define a magnetic potential energy as electrical or gravitational potential energy?

It is both as gravity makes electric power with magnets hope it helps.

Define specific power gravity power stress and strain?

laws of Physics: Defined Elements; In a role of playing;.. (2007) Energy and Power can be defined as one, as of 2007 Energy elements can be defined by Power. Thus Defining and creating it. Defined Power or; Created Energy can now help define Gravity thus creating a black hole, time warp, teleporation, nuke bomb capable of blowing up galaxy(ies) we went from lights, communication, airwave signals, cordeless energy, ...

How do scientists define when work occurs?

they define when work occurs energy. Energy is the ability to do work.

Why is energy hard to define?

Perhaps one reason energy is hard to define is that we only seem to be able to define it in terms of what it DOES rather than what it IS.