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  1. another term for the Holocaust
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What is the definition of shoah?

The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Nazi genocide of the Jews. In Hebrew it means catastrophe. (Unlike the term the Holocaust there are no ambiguities as to whether non-Jewish victims are included).

How is Shoah written in Hebrew?

shoah = שואה

Who starred in the film 'Shoah'?

Simon Srebnik stars in the 1985 war documentary "Shoah." Other stars of the movie include Michael Podchlebnik, and Motake Zaidl. "Shoah" was written and directed by Claude Lanzmann.

Why do the Jewish call the Holocaust the Shoah?

That is a Hebrew term (Shoah) meaning Judeocide.

Why is the Shoah in every synagogue?

The Hebrew word 'Shoah' means 'catastrophe' and is used by Jews to refer to the Holocaust. The word Shoah is not found in every synagogue.

What does shoah mean in english?

Shoah (שואה) means disaster. It is used for the English word "Holocaust".

When was European Shoah Legacy Institute created?

European Shoah Legacy Institute was created in 2010.

What is a synonym for Holocaust?

Wildfire, shoah, conflagration

What is the Jewish word for holocaust?

The word that you are looking for is 'Shoah'.

What can be learnt from the shoah?

what can be learnt from the shoah is they way in which we should treat other people and to not be prjudice against a religion and to listen to all diiferent cultures and religions that other people believe in.

What actors and actresses appeared in Survivors of the Shoah - Albrecht Becker - 1998?

The cast of Survivors of the Shoah - Albrecht Becker - 1998 includes: Albrecht Becker as Himself (interviewed)

What has the author Zev Garber written?

Zev Garber has written: 'Shoah' -- subject(s): Historiography, Holocaust (Jewish theology), Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) 'Post-Shoah Dialogues'

What are the ratings and certificates for Shoah und Pin-Ups - 2007 TV?

Shoah und Pin-Ups - 2007 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:12

What is another name for the Holocaust?

Shoah is a Biblical word which means "Calamity" that was started in use in the 1940's by Jewish people to refer to the Holocaust. Shoah (שואה) is also spelled Sho'ah and Shoa.

What has the author Harry Smart written?

Harry Smart has written: 'Shoah'

Where is the Survivors Of The Shoah Visual History Foundation in Los Angeles California located?

The address of the Survivors Of The Shoah Visual History Foundation is: University Gardens Ste 205, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0001

What are the wrongful picture use laws of Canada?

Denying the Shoah is punishable by imprisonment.

What do Jews call the Holocaust and why?

Many Jews (and also others) use the word Shoah as holocaust has a religious meaning as well as its other meanings. It originally meant 'whole burnt sacrifice'. 'Shoah' is Hebrew for '(great) catastrophe'.

How is the word shoah linked to the holocaust?

It is a Hebrew word that more accurately describes what happened.

What do the Jewish people call Hitler's final solution?

The Holocaust the hebrew word is shoah.

What does shoah mean?

Shoah means catastrophe, great calamity. It is used by some for the Holocaust, in particular those who feel that the word holocaust has misleading religious implications. (Holocaust is derived from a Greek word meaning whole offering, burnt sacrifice).

Why do Jews prefer the term shoah to Holocaust?

The problem with the word holocaust is that it has religious connotations, as its original meaning was burnt sacrifice. In general, Jews do not attach any religious significance to the Holocaust. The word shoah simply means catastrophe, disaster.

What is the event in history called the Shoah?

The Shoah was the holocaust of Jews carried out in Nazi occupied Europe during WW2. Alongside the Jews, the Nazis also systematically murdered gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovas Witnesses and Russian prisoners through slave labour.

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