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An "adhoc tour group" (also called "independent") describes people who end up traveling with each other by accident just because they wanted to see a particular tourist destination and they all happened to be going that way. They don't know each other when they board the plane.

An "incentive tour group" on the other handle, describes people who have an incentive (or reason) not just to travel, but to travel with each other. A business team who are going to a conference - a church group visiting Israel - a group of scientists attending a colloqium. These people do know each other before they start the trip.

At least - that's what I've found so far!

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European tour groups for seniors?

There are definitely European tour groups for seniors. The best resource for help in this area is you local travel agent, who will be able to help you choose the vacation tour that best meets you wishes and budget.

What is the definition of a tour?

A guided trip or visit somewhere.

Definition of study tour?

Study tour is a trip or tour taken by a group of people in order to study something. Such as location, there culture , their tradition etc.

Could you inform me about senior travel tours?

Senior Tour Groups are tour groups designed for seniors and the elderly who wish to see more of the world in their Golden Years. There are websites that provide lists of the various groups and the locales they visit online.

What is the definition of inbound tour operator?

inbound tour operators organize holidays to different countries, and can organize package holidays

What is the definition of tour operators?

A travel agent specializing in package vacations.

What is the definition of educational tour?

Getting to explore the place and learn more knowledge...

Where can one book a tour of Cairns?

If one wanted to book a tour of Cairns which is in Queensland, Australia, they would just have to contact a tour group. Thankfully there are a lot of tour groups that focus on Cairns tours such as Down Under Tours, Viator and Cairns Tour Advice.

What are the types of tour operator?

mass market specialist (aka niche market) activity and special interests independent1. independent tour operator 2. Travel agency 3. In house operators 4. Travel clubs and Incentive houses

What do you mean by MICE businessTravel?

MICE is an abbrevation for Meetings, Incentive, Conferences & Events/Exhibitions. This is a type of tour organised for corporate people for business as well as leisure purpose.

What is the definition the term Tour Operator?

A person conducting tourists while out sight seeing.

Can you tour san quentin prison?

Individuals can no longer tour San Quentin. Groups such as criminal justice classes, may still be able to arrange tours.

Definition of tour operator?

A travel agent that specializes in putting together vacation packages is a tour operator. They provide vacations or holidays that include accommodation and travel.

If 228 people have registered for a sightseeing tour of the Grand Canyon and a tour director can take 35 people on each tour how many tour directors will be needed to accommodate everyone?

228 divided by 35 = 6.5 So if you could get six and a half tour directors, that would be the answer...but, in reality, you would have to book seven tour directors to be sure that all groups have a whole director leading the tour. Answer = 7

Where can I find a tour group for seniors only?

There are lots of places that have details on this but the most worthy one I found was http://seniortravel.about.com/od/tourgroups/tp/Tour-Groups-for-Seniors.htm

What is the definition of independent inclusive tours?

independent inclusive tour is one in which the tourist travels to his destination individually.

Where can seniors find groups to travel tour with?

There are a lot of places that you can find travel groups with. One place that you can visit to check out more is at http://seniortravel.about.com/od/tourgroups/Senior_Travel_Tour_Groups.htm

Are there any tour groups in Myrtle beach?

There are many tour groups available to you in Myrtle beach. The Battleship North Carolina is located in Myrtle beach and would be a wonderful learning experience. Also, Myrtle beach is home of the NASCAR Racing experience. It allows you to enjoy a tour and the possibility of driving a race car on the speedway. There is many, many more tours that are available to satisfy whatever your interests are.

Definition of an independent tour operator?

An independent tour operator is an individual or company that works by themselves as tour operators. They are not owned by another company like a franchise or chain. They organise their own tours directly.Gray Line, Apple Vacations, Trafalgar, Brian Moore, and Contiki are examples of major tour operators. These companies hire Tour Escorts to travel with the group as a group manager. Independent tour operators are Tour Escorts that develop and promote their own tours.

Where can I find cheap senior travel tour groups?

TO find cheap senior travel tours groups, you first need to determine where you want to go. AARP is an organization for seniors. They can help you out.

Who was involved in the 1981 Springbok tour?

Many groups and organisations during the 1981 tour, such as CARE (Citizens Association for Racial Equalities), HART (Halt All Racist Tours), NAAC (National Anti-Apartheid Council) and SPIR (Society for the Protection of Individual Rights) were set up to oppose the tour in 1981 and try stop the games. These groups usually consisted of many young New Zealand Maoris as they believed they could relate to the South Africans in accordance to the fact that they were heavily discriminated against in the past. The groups were mainly targeted by the police as they were usually the ones organising the anti-tour riots and causing distress at the games. The groups and their riots received wide media attention for their protests.

Where can I find tours for senior groups?

there are many places that you can find that have tours for senior groups but here is a website that is a really good website that shows the best senior tour groups online. here it is. http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/travel/senior/KeyWebSites.shtml

What is the definition of trip?

It can be a tour, journey, or voyage. It can be an errand, run, junket, or expedition. It can be a slang word meaning drug-induced hallucinations.

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