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Definition of multimodal transport?

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The basic definition of multimodal transport is goods that are transported using only 1 contract between a carrier and the buyer. The carrier is the one responsible for the goods until they are delivered to the buyer.

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How can you use multimodal in a sentence?

There was lots of multimodal media, following the film.

What is the difference between an inter modal and a multi modal bill of lading?

Intermodal transportation is generally defined as a system of transport whereby two or more modes of transport are used to transport the same loading unit in an integrated manner. While multimodal is the continuous movement of goods by more then one means of transport.

What has the author Mark William Henry Hancock written?

Mark William Henry Hancock has written: 'Computer aided planning and support of intermodal/multimodal transport operations'

What is the definition of selective transport?

selective transport is the transport of specific substances by means of protein channels and pumps.

What is the science definition of the word transport?

The science definition of the word transport is very simple. It means moving a substance such as water from one location to another.

Which transport process does not require cell energy?

Diffusion is per definition a passive transport process.

What is the definition of active transport?

active transport is an energy reqiuring process in which transport proteins bind with particles and move them through a cell membrane

Definition of road transport?

is the roads that is used by vehicle that transport goods from one place to another and pendestrial

Definition of transport system in man?

the transport system in man includes heart,blood vessels,blood.

What has the author Ir R Nes written?

Ir. R. Nes has written: 'Design of multimodal transport networks' -- subject(s): Urban transportation, Planning, Mathematical models, Local transit, Traffic engineering

Why is the answer to crossword clue Make ecstatic with means of travel -----transport?

It's a double definition. "Transport" as a verb can mean "make ecstatic." "Transport" as a noun can mean "means of travel."

Structures responsible for cell transport? GO HERE!

What if there's no number that accrues the most to find the mode?

Then the distribution in multimodal.

Definition of the Air Transport?

the fastest mode of travel is air transportation

What is the definition of transport costs?

cost of moving goods from place to place.

What is multimodal analgesia?

Multimodal analgesia uses more than one method of pain management. Multiple methods can actually reduce the amount of medications necessary to relieve pain, and can minimize uncomfortable side-effects.

The limbic association area of the multimodal association areas provides your?

emotional impact

What if the mode has lots of numbers that occur?

Then there are many modes (the set of data is multimodal).

What is transport?

Transport is something that carries people or cargo. The official definition of the word transport is "take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship."

What is the definition of Bootleg?

To make, sell, or transport (alcoholic liquor) for sale illegally.

Definition of electron transport chain?

igffrbjhn v nhh hggtur yttyuuimhggnvb.

The transport in which substances move from lower to high concentration is what?

The textbook definition of "passive transport" is moving from high to low concentration. You mean passive diffusion..

What part of the cerebral cortex do sensations and emotions come together?

The multimodal associate areas

What is the passive transport of water through a membrane called?

It has a special definition called osmosis.

What do blood vessles transport?

OK, by definition we have blood. Do you want to know what blood is made of?