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natural happening salts

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Can a mineral be natrually occurring?

By definition, minerals are naturally occurring inorganic substances.

Are minerals manmade?

No. By definition a mineral is naturally occurring.

How do you make minerals?

Minerals by definition are naturally occurring, not made by people.

What would be the definition for a naturally occurring catalyst found in cells?


What are naturally occurring eco systems?

An eco system by definition is naturally occurring. It is a naturally occurring community of organisms functioning as a unit. A good example is a coral reef, and all of the sea life that function as a unit within the coral reef.

Is a rhinestone a mineral?

No. Rhinestones are an artificial material. Minerals must by definition be naturally-occurring.

Is silicon naturally occurring or synthetic?


Is calcium synthetic or naturally occurring?

calcium is naturally occurring

Is titanium naturally occurring or synthetic?

Titanium is naturally occurring.

Is topaz naturally occurring?

Yes it is a naturally occurring mineral.

What is a good definition for a rock?

A rock is a naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals

Is tungsten naturally occurring or man-made?

naturally occurring.

Is water minerals or not?

Minerals are solid substances. Liquid water is not a mineral, but naturally occurring ice, is a mineral. The definition of a mineral requires it be naturally occurring so, artificially frozen ice in your freezer isn't a mineral.

Is oxygen naturally occurring?

Oxygen is naturally occurring, it is produced by photosynthesizing plants

Most of the naturally occurring elements are?

Most of the naturally occurring elements are transition metals.

Is phosphorus a naturally occurring or man made?

Phosphorus is naturally occurring. It is found in rocks

Is uranium a synthetic radioactive?

No, it is a naturally occurring radioactive element.

Can you find minerals in rock?

Yes. In fact, the definition of a rock is a solid naturally occurring object composed of minerals.

What are some man-made minerals?

There are no man-made minerals. By definition, a mineral is a naturally occurring material.

Are ceramics naturally occurring?

The materials used to manufacture ceramics are naturally occurring. These naturally occurring materials include silica, sand, quartz, flint, silicates, and aluminosilicates.

What mineral doesn't occur naturally on the earth?

They all do. This is a scientific definition of a mineral: A mineral is a naturally occurring chemical compound, usually of crystalline form and abiogenic in origin.

What is naturally occurring?

Naturally occurring means that the substance is natural and is not in any way made by mankind.

How many naturally occurring isotopes of the 90 naturally occurring elements are there?

It means when something happens.

Is glycerin a naturally occurring organic compound?

Yes it is naturally occurring and found in many lipids.

What is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world?

The diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance in the world.