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To delete photos from iPod touch:

In iTunes, select the device icon in the Devices list on the left. Click the Photos tab in the resulting window.

Choose "Sync photos from."

On a Mac, choose iPhoto or Aperture from the pop-up menu.

On a Windows PC, choose Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements from the pop-up menu.

Choose "Selected albums" and deselect the albums or collections you want to delete.

Click Apply.

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HOW TO delete pictures for iPod Touch?

veiw it and press delete

How do you delete pictures off of ipod touch?

delete the pictures off of itunes, then hook your ipod up to your computer and sync.

How do you delete pictures on your ipod touch?

select the picture and touch the trash can icon

How do you delete pics off ipod touch?

plug it into the computer open itunes click on your ipod then pictures the click delete on your keyboard

How do you delete photos from an iPod?

if you're on a iPod touch, you have the option to your lower right. If you're on anything below the touch, you will have to open the ipod's filefolder with the stored pictures. Then select the picture you wish to delete, then sync your ipod.

How do you erase pictures on iPod touch?

Follow these steps to erase pictures on your iPod Touch:Go to the photo you want to delete by going through the Photos app.Touch the picture to blow it up to full screen.At the bottom right hand corner, there is a trash can icon. Click that to have a dialog box pop up to ask you if you want to delete it. Press the red delete button to permanently erase it from your iPod Touch.

If you downgrade your iPod Touch will it delete anything?

Downgrading your iPod Touch should not delete anything.

How do you delete friends off facebook for iPod touch?

How to delete friends off iPod touch

Can you take pictures from the back of the iPod touch?

You cannot take pictures with the iPod Touch. Yes. It depends on what generation the iPod Touch is.

How do you delete the legal information on your iPod touch?

You cannot delete the legal information in the settings on your iPod Touch.

How do you delete wifi off an ipod touch?

You cannot delete wifi because it is required with the ipod touch.

Can the 16GB ipod touch take pictures?

No, so far there is no ipod touch that can take pictures. The ipod touch can only hold pictures that you download from your computer or the internet.

How do you delete everything on your iPod touch?

restore your ipod touch on itunes

With the iPod or iPod touch if you use one computer then try to access it with another computer will it delete the music already on the iPod or iPod touch?

It will delete music from iPod Touch, but the regular iPod i don't know about.

How do you move pictures from your PC to your iPod touch?

When you sync your iPod touch, music, videos, pictures, and apps should be added to your iPod Touch.

Can the iPod touch 8gb take pictures?

No, it can't. No generation of iPod Touch (including the 8gb capacity iPod Touch) can take pictures.

How do you delete pictures on an iPod Touch?

There are two primary options for deleting pictures off of an iPod Touch. If you intend to only delete a few, the quickest and easiest method is to simply open the "Photos" app, tap the unwanted picture, and tap the "garbage can" icon in the lower right hand corner. Repeat as necessary. However, if you wish to delete many pictures, the above method will be cumbersome. In that case, sync your iPod Touch to the computer using the included USB cord. Once you are in iTunes, click on the folder entitled "Pictures." Highlight all the pictures you no longer want and manually delete them.

When you delete a game on your Ipod touch do you get back the space it was using?

I have an iPod touch and when I delete applications the memory that it uses comes back. I used my iPod touch to type this.

How do you delete pictures from your iPod touch?

In iTunes, click on the iPod in the sidebar, goto pictures, see what settings you have. You might need to edit a certain folder on your compter, then sync, and it should work.

How can you delete certain pictures from the ipod touch?

Depending on how you got them on your ipod, if you took them with your ipod camera, there should be a little garbage can on each pic you took WITH YOUR IPOD. If you got them downloaded of of a computer, you have to plug your ipod into the computer and delete them off of itunes. Hope i helped!! :)

How do you delete videos on ipod touch?

just delete the video on itune then sync your ipod it should delete it

Can you take pictures on a 2nd generation iPod Touch?

The fourth generation iPod Touch is the only iPod to be able to take pictures.

How do you delete music from my ipod touch?

delete it from your library in itunes

How can you increase number of pictures your ipod touch can take?

the amount of pictures your ipod touch can take all depends on how much memory you have left on your ipod. usually the pictures sound be unlimited but if you have dan out of space on your ipod you will no longer be able to take pictures. to fix this you can either delete some remaining pictures, or songs, videos, usually deleting apps creates much more space for pictures. It may also be that your album is full, to fix this just delete some pictures from the album, create a new album, or move your pictures into different albums to create space.

How do you delete songs from the iPod touch?

Normally you can't delete songs directly from your ipod touch, you should erase it from your Itunes library then sync with the Ipod touch, it should be deleted when the sync is finished.